We've been kinda busy. For the first time, we're here to share what we're all about. Since the public launch of this site we've made—actually manufactured with our bare hands—more than one billion dollars of products. In the heart of Silicon Valley, no less! We started out as a Maker, but what we've really been up to in recent years is creating a platform for other Makers and Designers to achieve this same level of success, and hopefully much more...

The Zazzle Ecosystem.

Zazzle isn't your typical e-commerce site—we're a platform and ecosystem of Designers, Makers, Brands and Customers—where everything is made on demand, just for you! We're passionate about supporting this rapidly growing, creative ecosystem.

100+ Million Dollars.

That's how much we've paid out to our Designers so far, and that number is growing fast. In fact, one of our top Designers is currently generating over $4MM in annual revenue, alone. Crushing it! From contemporary artists, to traditional product designers, to tastemakers and curators, you can find pretty much any kind of content, all thanks to them.

Shelby Allison - Origamiprints
a Gold tier designer, $20K in sales in a single week in May 2015


Elke Clarke - Monogramgallery
a Diamond tier designer, $25K in sales in a single week in May 2015



That's what we've paid out to Makers, and the Zazzle Maker Platform™ is still in beta. Our vision has always been to enable any external Maker to join the platform. Even at an early stage, we've already welcomed more than 150 Makers onto the platform—making everything from bespoke leather handbags and table lamps, to iPhone cases and chocolate bars, and so much more.

Case-Mate, an Enterprise-tier Maker, has generated over $7MM in customized product sales in the last 12 months alone.
Chocomize, a newer Basic-tier Maker, has been ramping up their custom chocolate bars (over 70 toppings to choose from!) with over $6.8K in the last 12 months.

Over 550 Licensed Brands

Our obsession over quality and our commitment to protecting intellectual property has resulted in a universe of unparalleled content from many of the world's greatest brands. Disney was the first, but since those early days we've extended our partnerships to include Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Dreamworks… and hundreds more.


300,000,000+ unique products.

In 2005, about 300,000 products were published in the Zazzle marketplace. Today, nearly that same number is published... Every. Single. Day. Today with over 300,000,000 products in our marketplace, Zazzle dwarfs nearly all the of the largest retailers in the world. How is that possible? It's all virtual inventory—each of those products is only made when ordered!


We're big in Japan.

Zazzle has global ambitions. In 2008, we launched our first localized international site in the UK, quickly followed by Australia and Canada in early 2009, then Germany, France and Japan in 2010. Today Zazzle has a localized web presence in 16 countries. We're inhabiting a growing number of locations around the country and world...we're especially proud of our International Headquarters in Cork, Ireland, which used to be a Guinness building (yes, we're rockin' the original bar!).

Zazzle is a different make of tech company.

At Zazzle, we build experiences and technologies that describe the potential of what can be made, rather than what has been made. Every single product is rendered in real-time as a composite of data provided by the Maker, artwork from a Designer and any customizations you make...and all this happens in milliseconds. Factoid: Zazzle's render farms generate thousands of dynamic product images a second!

It's all about the people.

Ultimately, more than any other accomplishment over the last 10 years, we're proud of our team. Zazzlers are a passionate, brilliant and slightly irreverent bunch. We also play hard. By sponsoring its 100th Anniversary in the Bay Area, Zazzle Bay to Breakers in 2011 attracted over 150,000 revellers in San Francisco. (And dozens of us dressed up as pink gorillas.)

The Make Engine™

That's us dropping magnum...so to speak. Zazzle's mission is to give people everywhere the power to make anything imaginable. No commoditized product. No demand prediction. No inventory inefficiency. We believe this is the future of commerce...consumers connecting directly with Designers and Makers to make anything.


Make Anything.

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