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Aaron Rutten creates extraordinary art for everyday people, so it won't cost you a Million dollars to own a piece of his work. Handmade art, merchandise and limited edition Giclée prints. Website: www.SurrealPixelStudio.com | Facebook

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By Luke, 3/8/2012 about
Really enjoy your work Aaron and thanks again for helping me get my store up and going!
By Carmen Hurt, 8/4/2011 about
Wow....awesome shop. I love your Syzygy sneakers!
By TheArtOfPamela, 12/7/2010 about
I love your artworks, I think it's great, I wish you many many sales this coming holidays! - Pamela.
"love your shoes"
By allicor, 9/19/2010 about
am a fan well done
By Pip_Gerard, 7/29/2010 about
I'm currently running a zazzle competition where if you comment on 2 of my products you're entered in a draw to receive a brand new beatles book. Details on my homepage. :)
By Colettephoto, 7/18/2010 about
Lovely Art works you make*****
By Sphinx_N_Phoenix, 7/2/2010 about
Thanks for the kind words and for joining my fan club. I returned the favor and best of luck with the store.
"Wow! That's great, and welcome to Zazzle!"
By Heard_, 7/2/2010 about
I'm a fan!!
By aaronrutten, 7/2/2010 about
I just set up my store last night, it's great to get an award right off the bat!
"Congratulations on your tba!"
By Castleinc, 7/2/2010 about
Awesome looking gallery too. ;)
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10 results