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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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“I had the good fortune of having my phone call to Zazzle answered by a most friendly and knowledgeable team player. My belief is that it is important to give credit where credit is due! My daughter and I are coordinating a shower for a family member and she was "in charge" of ordering the invitations. I received a confirmation and realized that there was an error. Wanting to make sure I addressed it immediately I picked up my phone. Not only did "A" happily agree to support my change, she also competently and patiently led me through the process. The error I needed changed was simply done. Meanwhile, "A" noted another area of the invitation that she felt I might want to affect. Her advice was GREAT!! The end result of my newly placed order was so much more to my liking. I have worked in customer service for many years. I have owned my own business and worked in management as well. Without question I would highly recommend "A" based upon her interaction with me. It is such a pleasure to note good work! Thank you for listening and I hope that my words bring light to her career with your company. Sincerely, A Happy Customer”
— Tricia
“I just wanted to say thank you so incredibly much! I recently started a cake business and had ordered a pack of 100 custom business cards that I really needed by today for a HUGE customer that really wanted to pass them out to friends and family in order to get me more business. I ordered them in plenty of time and tracked my order as it went from post office to post office. Once it was supposedly delivered by our local post office I checked outside and it was not there. I called the post office every day until finally they said that my business cards are lost forever and they could not do anything about it. I was afraid that I would have to re-order the cards and pay for them all over again and I didn't think they would reach me in time. I called customer service and spoke with an extremely nice girl who apologized for the loss even though it was not her or Zazzle's fault, and she re-ordered the cards for FREE and upgraded my shipping and handling in order for my cards to arrive just in time for me to hand out (which they did)!! My customer is arriving any minute and I have a handful of cards to give her which will really help me out business-wise. I am beyond impressed and thankful for your professionalism and amazing customer service. I posted my gratitude on Facebook for all 1,200 friends to see and will continue to use your site for future purchases. Thank you so much!!”
— Anonymous
“Many times customers find the time to complain or report issues or concerns related to products and/or the perceived poor service received on part of the customer service representative or manager. Less frequently do I feel SUPERB service by a true business professional is honored and/or commended. I truly feel that it is important to acknowledge the courteous service I received from M, as well as her demonstrated patience, tactfulness, professionalism, knowledge, and attention she paid in resolving the conflict that was presented with my order, not failing to mention the follow up after our conversation. It really shouldn't, and can’t go unnoticed. Signed a truly satisfied customer!! ”
— Vicki
“I had placed an order with Zazzle and messed up in my order placement. At no fault of Zazzle, I was unsatisfied with my final product. Zazzle's customer service department had immediately responded to my inquiry and gave me a full refund on the purchased product. I had selected express delivery, and my product had showed up even faster than I had expected. This company is so understanding, professional, and great with handling your questions and concerns in an efficient way. I think you'd be crazy to order business cards from any other company, which is why I find it necessary to fill out as many surveys as possible to truly express my happiness with the company. I'm working on my business card design right now for my next order! Thanks again Zazzle, I love this company!”
— Holly
“Excellent experience with Zazzle customer representatives. I ordered on two different occassions and in each case the reps went out of their way to be helpful. I am not computer literate so their assistance was invaluable.”
— Joseph
“I just wanted to tell you, you have made a loyal customer of me! The promptness in which you replied to my issue and the way it was handled was unsurpassed. Unfortunately, the norm these days is to have to fight for any corrections that need to be done to orders, so it is very refreshing to come across a company who responds to the concerns of the customer so quickly and without the need to beg and plead. Thank you for your help, and I will definitely tell others about your company and your great service!”
— Mary
“ has turned out to be the best company I've ever dealt with online. They responded immediately to an error that I made in wording and font size. In fact, they credited me immediately for the first batch of invitations (with my errors) and followed that by allowing me to keep the incorrect first batch....and immediately made the corrected invitations and sent them to me. The two people I dealt with via email were just wonderful: professional, friendly, and understanding. My purchase was simply a wonderful experience from beginning to end.”
— Diane
“As small business owners, we are a bit OCD about great customer service, and it was great to see how you guys did the same for us. We had a trade show, where we needed this shirt, and fixing the mistake on your end, getting the shirt to the hotel, and letting us do what we needed without a big hassle is GREATLY appreciated. I will share my experience with the world. Thanks for doing such a good job for us.”
— Steve
“I was very impressed with the quality of the product I received. I made some mistakes myself with the product, but the Zazzle customer service personel were exceptionally accomodating and re-did my order and sent it special delivery, as this was a birthday gift. Thank you sincerely. I have recommended Zazzle and will continue to use your service.”
— Susan
“I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by Zazzle's customer service and your generous gesture to replace these products without having to return the items first. This truly comes at a difficult time for me. I'm not sure if you noticed what particular shirts these are, but they are breast cancer shirts that I plan on wearing as I recover from breast cancer myself. Everyone will ask where these fabulous shirts came from and I shall tell them about your website and how awesome the customer service is. Thank you again for making my life a little easier!”
— Dawn
“No company is perfect, however the best companies rise to the occasion when they make mistakes and ZAZZLE definitely has the best customer service I've ever worked with. I've been 100% satisfied with every purchase and I purchase a lot from them.”
— Audrey
“I cannot express my appreciation enough for your help yesterday morning when I called. I explained that these buttons were ordered to give to a group of Belgian 4th graders who have adopted my father's grave. My father, KIA during the Battle of the Bulge is buried in an American cemetery in Belgium called Henri-Chapelle Cemetery. We are going to be meeting with these Belgian 4th graders in a few days and I needed the buttons to take with me so I would have them in Belgium to give to them. Well, I just checked and the buttons are due to arrive later today, in more than plenty of time, with a day to spare. You worked a miracle and I am grateful. Thank you again for superlative customer service in seeing that my order got to me in time.”
— Diane
“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you. I have never had customer service with any online store that gave me the one-on-one service that you gave me this entire week. On Monday I woke up with an idea for my 40th birthday & when popped up I decided to check out that website for stickers (since I had purchased from Zazzle before). Never would I have imagined that I would have everything that I need for my party ordered by the end of the week! I remember trying to design something but I couldn't. That is when I decided to just contact Zazzle directly. I had to speak to the design department, and then after I gave them my number, R called me back. I so appreicated how you listened to my ideas, then by working your magic, you made it appear on my computer screen and... it looked better than I had even imagined! Since you were so helpful & creative, it only snowballed into more & more ideas & no matter what idea I had, you always came up with a creative way & were always cheerful when doing it. You never made me feel as if I were taking too much of your time. Instead you always apologized to me (which was unnecessary! :) ) You knew when I wasn't crazy about an idea, but knew how to quickly tweak it, which I then would "ooh & ahh" over with excitement. Even towards the end, with hours invested, you came up with ideas to make my items pop & all flow together. I also appreciated how you worked to get me the most for my money, which in this economy is important! I am so excited for my shipment to arrive! You have definitly helped make my 40th birthday party a special, classy & just so darn adorable event. I love all the things that were designed! Thank you! You have definitly made me a Zazzle customer for life. I will never go any place else when ordering things for any party! This is one happy, satisfied customer! Thank you again for all your time this week! ”
— Gina
“I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful service you and your company provides to its customers!! The replacement poster arrived in perfect condition and in time for the housewarming party tomorrow. I never expected to receive it this soon as it was less than two days ago (Wednesday) when I spoke with a representative. To say that I was dancing around for joy is an understatement. It's obvious to me that Zazzle made every effort to get that poster to me before the party and I greatly appreciate it. I have never done business with a company/customer service department with such caring, helpful people before. You truly care about the customer.....a great blessing in this world of call centers and scripted responses. Kudos to you, Michelle and the production department. I'll be telling others about Zazzle for sure!!!!”
— Gail
“Wow, that’s what I call service! I just requested the shirt and poster on Thursday and they landed on my doorstep this morning, Saturday! ...I’m very pleased and impressed.”
— Alice
“Can I just say that I have never been treated better than I was this morning by a CS person name V. She had my order reprinted and expressed to me for Monday delivery. Who does that?! This was my first time with Zazzle and she created a customer for life. Thanks for doing your job right. All my respect from a jaded old department store buyer who is rarely surprised by great customer service.”
— William
“Just a note to compliment you on one of your employees, JM. I joined Zazzle tonight because of J. He was patient , kind, efficient, and proficient even though I had not a clue. By the end of our conversation, I had it , but just to make sure, J was kind enough to send me an e-mail to re-enforce all the steps. J is an asset to Zazzle. All employees everywhere could take a lesson from him. Customer service is everyone's business, as without great customer service, one does not have a business. I can hardly wait to start putting those fabulous items in my shop.”
— Madeleine
“I just want to write some lines to thank you for the outstanding support your customer service agent showed me on my last transaction. Not only were they able to manage the situation but at the same time, they proactively offered additional support. And to make things even better, they offered to speak Spanish which is my mother tongue:) That was very, very, very helpful! Thanks a lot. Professional people like that make customers happy!”
— Marisol
“I wish to thank you for your prompt replies and prompt willingness to handle my poster dilemma. Not only that, I was most impressed at your willingness to do so without further charge to me. I was not expecting that, particularly since the glitch was my fault entirely. I place high value in solid, committed customer service and your's went above and beyond. Further, I also believe in customer loyalty. Consequently, be assured that I will always consider Zazzle first and foremost when I need calendars, {posters}, or mugs made! Thank you again! ”
— Gary
“Fast delivery. On one order, I was emailed by Zazzle regarding the look of a t-shirt picture, and I was impressed they cared about what I might think if it didn't turn out right. After I assured them it was the actual look I was after, they emailed me back with "production will start immediately".”
— Linda

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