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Customer Feedback

Here's what our customers have to say about Zazzle:

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“Last year at Christmas, I ordered a custom made mug and set it up for ground delivery with plenty of time. Your site said it would leave in 24 hours. Something happened and it was held up and by the time I realized it, it was too late to upgrade the shipping. I sent Zazzle a scathing email - I blame stress of the holidays only on myself. You guys duplicated my mug and sent a new one without so much as a word to me. I just came home, and there it was, I think 24 hours later. I received the other one a day or 2 after Christmas. No charge, no return instructions. I wanted to let you know that I remember that you went above and beyond for me. Even though my email to you could have been much more gracious, especially during the holiday season. I told everyone that I know about your customer service. This year, I'm more than likely going to make another mug or a shirt or something. I will say that the main reason for that is the way you handled me last year. I honestly doubt I would be here again - not because i would have been so angry, but because I simply wouldn't have entered your company so boldly into my brain. Companies don't exist like you guys anymore. Keep up the good work!!! ”
— Rachel
“What wonderful customer service! Thank you so much! I will refer anyone and everyone I can to This is more than just a t-shirt for me, my mom just celebrated her 69th birthday (this was her present from me) and she has had 2 cancer-free CAT scans this past year. I was so tickled to find your website that offers so many ovarian cancer items because not many have them. I really appreciate you doing this for me...more than you know. Thank you again and have a great weekend! ”
— Amy
“Wow! That is an EXCELLENT customer service/customer retention effort. I was unhappy with the quality of the product that I ordered and didn't think that I'd EVER order from you guys again, but after this action on your part (I understand this is a 1 time deal) you have a REPEAT CUSTOMER. This action shows that your company is not concerned with ONLY MAKING still care about the customer's SATISFACTION. I intend to tell all my friends, family, and business associates to shop your site. Thank You!”
— Jeff
“Hello, I am writing to compliment the excellent customer service that I received from your customer service representative, B. When I got my shirts and they were really too small, I initially thought, "UGH...I really don't want to have to deal with this". To my surprise and delight, when I called your customer service line, B was so helpful and so friendly and made the process a breeze. Any hesitation that I might have had with ordering from you again went away. I will definitely order from your website and surely share with my friends and family how awesome your company is at making their customers happy. You turned a frustrated customer into a very satisfied & happy customer. B is definitely an asset to your company! Thank you and God bless. ”
— Lisa
“My wedding date is September 23rd. I apprectiate all that you have done for me! This has been one of the best customer service experiences I have had. I will definitely be using the website a ton and I will be telling all my engaged friends as well. ”
— Lara
“Wow - thanks so much for your excellent customer service. I am very impressed with how willing you've been to resolve the issue and with your quick responses. You have definitely earned a devoted customer here.”
— Roxanne
“Zazzle is the best!!! The customer service is the best that I've ever dealt with by far and my experience with Zazzle has been amazing. I highly recommend them.”
— Suzanne
“As a long time customer of Zazzle, I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service that I received from L in Customer Support. She was polite, friendly, kind, sympathetic to my situation, and quick to take initiative to do what she could to solve my problem. I had several questions which she answered knowledgeably, and when I did not understand how to navigate through my order, she patiently re-explained the directions to me until I understood. Dealing with L made a frustrating situation much more pleasant. I placed my order right away. I am very impressed; her outstanding service, and the solution that she proposed, which I utilized after completing my conversation with her, strongly encourage me to continue my practice of doing business with Zazzle.”
— Mary
“Your customer service rep Ofelia helped me with my baby shower invitations for my daughter and was WONDERFUL to work with. She walked me through the entire process and helped me make the changes and corrections that I needed to make. I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends and family. Thank you so much for such great customer service.”
— Debora
“Thank you so much for your attention to my order. I have received the stamps and they look great. The customer support I received from you is extraordinary, and I cannot tell you how very much it has been appreciated. ”
— Donna
“WOW, great news! I am excited to receive the poster. You and the production team have gone 1000% above and beyond with this project. I am very appreciative. I have filled out the customer support survey and given all 10's. Thank you so much for all of your time and attention to this. I wish there was something more that I could do to show my appreciation. ”
— Shelia
“I just completed your customer service survey. I will repeat my comments to your support team. I am very impressed with Zazzle and its customer service. I can truly say that I have never had a response like the one I received the same day I requested an exchange for my order. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I will definitely do more business with Zazzle whenever I get a chance. I will also let my friends know about your solution to this matter because I don't think they've ever experienced this type of response either! Thanks for the great story to tell! ”
— Beverly
“Thank you for the excellent customer service! You don't even know how busy I am in preparation for our wedding, but not having to physically return those items is one less thing on the "to do" list. I have already made a separate order with you for wedding invitations (to view samples) and will certainly keep you in mind for future orders based on the high level of service offered. ”
— Daniella
“I feel I have to write in to tell you all what a wonderful company and trusted website this is (I have never written in about any company to complain or congratulate them, though I am in the customer care industry myself). I placed an order with Zazzle to get a haters t-shirt, it arrived very quickly (considering that I'm in the UK) and in perfect condition, but sadly it was too small. I couldn't even fit it over my head, so I called the customer care number and spoke to a lovely guy, who apologized and was soooo great, the best customer service I've received in years. He said he would issue a replacement immediately and waive the return. I'm still in shock as this is amazing service, granted I can't fit into the other shirt. It wasn't even the company's fault, yet they are prepared to send me out a larger size! I will 200% shop with this company again. And for anyone who has doubts about shopping online or buying anything from this website, have no doubts, these guys are the best of the best and I'm so grateful! Thank you again!”
— Tristan
“Wow, you guys are amazing, I truly was not expecting that. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. I will definitely pass along your website to my friends and family. This kind of service is very rare these days. I will definitely re-order my shirt because I love it. Thanks again for your courtesy!”
— Charisse
“Thank you so much for your great customer service, it was a welcome surprise to call the customer service number and have a friendly and knowledgeable person promptly and professionally address the situation. This was my first experience with the company and I will definitely use Zazzle again in the future.”
— Nick
“Thank you for your rapid response. This is an excellent example of your company's terrific customer service policies and service recovery methodology. You have created a "Customer for Life" by your great response to my request. You clearly understand that "a satisfied customer tells a few people, but a dissatisfied customer tells everyone they know". Rest assured I will tell everyone I know what a great company truly is. ”
— Michael
“Wow, you left me speechless! When I asked for help I never dreamed that I would receive such wonderful customer service! I just had to send you a huge thank you for how you handled my order. I have not experienced such wonderful customer service online ever!! I am truly grateful! You can be assured that I will be ordering more from your website, and I will spread the word like wildfire (as I have already started to do) that really takes care of its customers! Thank you! ”
— Anonymous
“Dear Zazzle, I am writing to inform and to commend the excellent service. I was pleasantly surprised by the high standard of professionalism, courtesy and service which was exhibited. In these times, few customer service representatives begin to approach the quality or attentiveness, usually preferring to quickly dispose of calls. Because your customer service took the time, and went the extra mile for a satisfactory resolution, that deserves recognition. When I initially called your number, I had reservations based on numerous past encounters with various other entities. After the called had progressed to resolution of the problem, I was impressed and delighted. Once again I wish to thank you (Zazzle), and a job well done!”
— Hugh
“I LOVE Zazzle! THANK YOU for taking customer service to the highest level available. I ordered a binder and then received an email that it would be delayed in shipment (which was ok, I understand) then I was credited that amount. I could NOT BELIEVE IT! I have placed several orders with Zazzle and have told a TON of people about you. (At a wedding shower, I was asked where I bought one of my 6 binders from Zazzle!!) As you can see, I have spent a little money with Zazzle :) and I will continue. SO THANK YOU AND KUDOS! Often in this world you only hear the negative, but I wanted to give to you my positive! THANK YOU - I LOVE LOVE LOVE ZAZZLE ! Is there a place that I can post a review that will also show you how proud I am to be a customer of Zazzle?”
— Roxane

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