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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Customer Feedback

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“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you. I have never had customer service with any online store that gave me the one-on-one service that you gave me this entire week. On Monday I woke up with an idea for my 40th birthday & when popped up I decided to check out that website for stickers (since I had purchased from Zazzle before). Never would I have imagined that I would have everything that I need for my party ordered by the end of the week! I remember trying to design something but I couldn't. That is when I decided to just contact Zazzle directly. I had to speak to the design department, and then after I gave them my number, R called me back. I so appreicated how you listened to my ideas, then by working your magic, you made it appear on my computer screen and... it looked better than I had even imagined! Since you were so helpful & creative, it only snowballed into more & more ideas & no matter what idea I had, you always came up with a creative way & were always cheerful when doing it. You never made me feel as if I were taking too much of your time. Instead you always apologized to me (which was unnecessary! :) ) You knew when I wasn't crazy about an idea, but knew how to quickly tweak it, which I then would "ooh & ahh" over with excitement. Even towards the end, with hours invested, you came up with ideas to make my items pop & all flow together. I also appreciated how you worked to get me the most for my money, which in this economy is important! I am so excited for my shipment to arrive! You have definitly helped make my 40th birthday party a special, classy & just so darn adorable event. I love all the things that were designed! Thank you! You have definitly made me a Zazzle customer for life. I will never go any place else when ordering things for any party! This is one happy, satisfied customer! Thank you again for all your time this week! ”
— Gina
“I was very pleased with the flexibility of design and the end product. The table numbers turned out exactly the way I had hoped they would. It did take a good amount of time before I received my order, but it was worth the wait.”
— Sarah
“I have used Zazzle to print stamps of weddings as an extra gift to the couple who just got married. They love to use the custom wedding picture for their 'thank you' notes.”
— Susie
“I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful service you and your company provides to its customers!! The replacement poster arrived in perfect condition and in time for the housewarming party tomorrow. I never expected to receive it this soon as it was less than two days ago (Wednesday) when I spoke with a representative. To say that I was dancing around for joy is an understatement. It's obvious to me that Zazzle made every effort to get that poster to me before the party and I greatly appreciate it. I have never done business with a company/customer service department with such caring, helpful people before. You truly care about the customer.....a great blessing in this world of call centers and scripted responses. Kudos to you, Michelle and the production department. I'll be telling others about Zazzle for sure!!!!”
— Gail
“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Our son's home caught on fire a few weeks ago and thankfully no person was hurt. However, they lost a dear pet and all of their clothing. In the last few months, we have been blessed to have excellent sales and were able to help them get clothing and a new pet which really has brought up their morale. Times are hard for many right now, and I just needed to show our appreciation for the amazing work that all of you have done at Zazzle in giving us the chance to succeed. This made it all come together for us on how fortunate we are to be with you. From all of us, please let the crew and owners know that although sometimes it may not seem like it, we, with all our hearts, do appreciate the work you all do. And hopefully since we are getting up there, we also will be able to leave something for our son and his family with the shops that we are blessed to have with you.”
— Bob
“Wow, that’s what I call service! I just requested the shirt and poster on Thursday and they landed on my doorstep this morning, Saturday! ...I’m very pleased and impressed.”
— Alice
“I loved the invitation! We have had many people compliment my daughter's Graduation announcement. I will order again from Zazzle.”
— Kelly
“We had gone on a cruise with our daughter and her family. We had a picture taken of us with our two grandsons. We had Zazzle make a canvas of the picture. It turned out really nice. I am very happy with it and would not hesitate to order from Zazzle again.”
— Susan
“I ordered some military posters for my boyfriend for his birthday, since he is in the army & just got a new house! They looked amazing & are going to look amazing in his house! There were so many to chose from, I just had to pick some that I liked the most! One day I'm going to have to sit down & go through ALL the stuff : )”
— Nicole
“Can I just say that I have never been treated better than I was this morning by a CS person name V. She had my order reprinted and expressed to me for Monday delivery. Who does that?! This was my first time with Zazzle and she created a customer for life. Thanks for doing your job right. All my respect from a jaded old department store buyer who is rarely surprised by great customer service.”
— William
“I normally would turn down an email asking me to write a review, but I was beyond satisfied with my experience with Zazzle that I would be honored to spread the word! I did a quick Google search around Feb 8ish, Zazzle came up first... I navigated the site easily, found exactly what I wanted, checked-out and paid in minutes... and get this, 30 hours later my shirt was at my doorstep!!!!! I ordered my husband's Valentine's Day present a week and a half early because processing and shipping can be unpredictable... but this shirt arrived so early that I had a hard time keeping it a secret for that long! Great quality, BEYOND fast S&H. I will be back!! Thank you so much! A company like Zazzle should never go unrecognized!! MUAH! :)”
— Ryan
“They sell top quality merchandise. The items I purchased exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate again to order from Zazzle in the future.”
— Gerald
“The team at Zazzle really took care of my order and went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied with it. I love the business cards that I ordered! The designs offered are cool or classic, you're sure to find something that will catch your eye!”
— Marcia
“My daughter's customized birthday invitations came out great! I was really happy with the product!”
— Linda
— Jamie
“I was really impressed with all the different categories and choices available. It was so easy for me to design my business cards. They look very professional and at a great price, I have already referred 3 clients to zazzle. I am very satisfied and will definitely order from zazzle again.”
— Mariela
“Just a note to compliment you on one of your employees, JM. I joined Zazzle tonight because of J. He was patient , kind, efficient, and proficient even though I had not a clue. By the end of our conversation, I had it , but just to make sure, J was kind enough to send me an e-mail to re-enforce all the steps. J is an asset to Zazzle. All employees everywhere could take a lesson from him. Customer service is everyone's business, as without great customer service, one does not have a business. I can hardly wait to start putting those fabulous items in my shop.”
— Madeleine
“I like the large variety zazzle gives for business cards. I had no problem finding what I needed with the quality that is also given. Keep up the good work!”
— Kimberly
“I ordered a phone case that was personalized. Zazzle was very fast in making it and I recieved my phone case in less than a week. I will tell and have told people about”
— Joie
“Zazzle is a great opportunity for visual artists to expand their product lines. The website is SO easy to manage and is fun too. I can't wait to order more items if the high quality of my first item is indicative of what's to come.”
— Jean

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