01. Celtic Design
02. Children, Birth and Adoption
03. Inspirational - Motivational
04. Gratefulness Inspirations
05. Heart Designs
06. Nautilus Shell Design
07. Turtle Designs
08. Kaleidoscopic Mandala Designs
09. Snowflake Design
10. Christmas
11. Anti-Bullying
12. Peace Inspirations
13. Vermont Designs
14. Autumn Designs
15. Photographic Design
16. Floral Designs
17. Abstract Design

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WELCOME TO MY GALLERY ! For those who have been here before, thanks for coming back again. I am very grateful to those of you who have purchased my designed products. My images are centered on positive, peaceful, spiritual, and inspirational designs - many of which have mandala or kaleidoscopic patterns. The designs include such things as colorful Celtic, snowflake, abstract and geometric patterns, as well as images with quotations about adoption, peace, gratefulness, mindfulness, love and acceptance. If you see a design that you would like on a different product, please leave me a message at: acore327@gmail.com, and I will put that design on the product of your choice. I have been a single adoptive parent for the past 25 years, and I am also putting together several products that celebrate Adoption (see link "About Me" -on the left). Please check back often for new additions which will be added frequently. Have a blessed and peaceful day! Katie

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