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///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// About me To put it simply I'm an artist. Not so simply put I'm an artist, graphic designer, apparel designer, creative director, former pro-snowboarder, surfer, world wide traveller, prints and records collector, dj. My studio is in Milan where I currently live, work and paint. www.alessioschiavon.com ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Untho In ‘99 I created a word to define my online art gallery: Untho. Simply, the idea was based on the making of a web site able to contain my artworks The subjects of my paintings were mainly faces of people living in the city and their tired/nervous expression. Few years later I decided to make the people know my thoughts: instead of painting in my studio, I began to xerox/screenprint posters and to paste them on street walls. Pasting posters became an activity to spread “UNTHO IS NEVER TIRED”, "UNTHO IS FASTER THAN YOU" messages in order to provoke a reaction to observers. What does the word "Untho" mean? Untho is a kind of acronym that I made by the first and the last letter of the words UrbaN TrasH Optimized. “Urban Trash” represents the materials I used to realize my artworks: cartboard or wood objects directly taken from the streets. “Optimized” is a web technical word that means "images ready to be pubblished online": I refer to the artwork pictures ready to be published. Where the "Untho Icon" comes from? The subjects of my paintings are faces of people living in the city and their expressions. The "Untho Icon" comes from those paintings: Untho is the "poster version" that I designed to be reproduced on posters and stickers. The "Untho body" instead comes from the position of a “teacher at the desk”: my purpose was to give an overbearing look to the “Untho is never tired” poster. Untho Manifesto I've written the manifesto back in 2002, march 17th to fix the concept behind the Untho street campaign. Untho provokes those who suffer the city rhytms. Untho inteferes in the occupation rules of the visual spaces. Untho proposes an aestetic intervention for the freedom of expression in the public space Provoke, Interfere and Propose Untho Clothing I started Untho in 1999/2000 and back then it was just an art project : the goal was to spread a provocative and proposite message in the streets. At the end of 2003 an italian company propose me to develop an art clothing line starting from Untho concepts, graphics and artworks. I needed one year to decide: my will has always been to spread my messages as far as possible but I was afraid for the commercial side. Eventually I understood that clothing is just another medium and I accepted. In spring 2005 the first Untho apparel collection was hitting skate, surf, snowboard and streetwear shops. www.untho.com /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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