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San Francisco based Amanda Lynn works by day restoring and painting > motorcycles and metal sculptures. When she¹s not working, she paints > on her figures on doorways and walls around SF and throughout the >country, usually accompanying graffiti mural productions. As well as concentrating on her fine art career of painting seductive female imagery on large scale canvases. Amandalynn.biz www.myspace.com/Amandalynnpaintings www.KnownGallery.com

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"Great Art"
By Ripper2009, 12/27/2010 about
Cool store
"Wow girl"
By thirdeyeartwork, 11/13/2010 about
your art is fantastic ans so many mediums deep, can't wait to see more work from you.
By meltedbutterflyarts, 9/12/2010 about
Fantastic !work
By Vexelutions, 3/24/2010 about
Congratulations on being a featured store!! I'm a fan!
By smarttaste, 3/22/2010 about
Congratulations on being a Featured Store
"Unique style you've got."
By Dreamzanstuff, 3/18/2010 about
Congratulations on being featured.
"You got some weird cool shyt here!"
By thespamama, 3/15/2010 about
I saw your art Store featured on Zazzle.
By odinwar, 3/12/2010 about
I Found Treasure Here!
By Stuccoloco, 3/12/2010 about
Great store!
"Very Unique"
By bcpix_com, 3/12/2010 about
Your art would stop any viewer in their tracks. Very nice
By HorrorCouture, 3/11/2010 about
your a great artist...congrats
By NoMusicNoLife, 3/9/2010 about
Hi ya! May I invite you to quickly take a look at my front page again? There is a petition circulating to save the elephants on it. They need our signature and voice! Only one day left! Ludo@NoMusicNoLife♫
By flyingdisc, 3/9/2010 about
Congratulations on being a Featured Store!
By 3coolechix, 3/8/2010 about
Hi! We love your gallery! We are fans for sure! Best wishes! 3Coolechix
By DonnaAnn, 3/7/2010 about
Amazing creativity at its' finest......I hope to see more in the future. Also, congratulations on your feature!!
By love2dsign, 3/5/2010 about
Your awesome artwork has been featured on Zazzle's Best (http://zazzlesbest.blogspot.com/)
By MindDesignGrafx, 3/2/2010 about
Congrats on being featured. Love your work!
"congrats on being featured"
By lissame73, 3/1/2010 about
happy zazzling
"Nice work"
By awkwardturtletees, 2/28/2010 about
Congrats on being featured!
"congrats on being featured !"
By popiconz, 2/27/2010 about
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