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This site is dedicated to all those who have fought hard in the battle with breast cancer, and won. And, to those who have fought hard, and lost. We salute each of you. aMAZoS: (ah MAH zose) derived from the Greek word amazoi, meaning "without a breast." This term is said to be the origin of the word, "Amazon," as applied to the legendary tribe of warrior women. The story proclaims that these warriors removed a breast while young in order to be able to draw a bow and arrow without hindrance. We found this description quite fitting for all of us who must be mighty and strong in order to battle the horrible disease of breast cancer. Studies show that women who have a strong emotional support system have a much better chance of full recovery and long term survival from breast cancer than those who do not. We are here to give them that support. We know what means the most because we have battled breast cancer ourselves. We suggest you purchase all 25 cards and send one per week. To purchase with one-click and get one free, Visit Products will still come from Zazzle!

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