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By Helinton Andruchechen, 7/24/2014 about
Great Job
By G-Paw, 1/22/2014 about
Great work Andy,I am truly a fan
"Very Inspirational"
By this account has been terminated, 10/12/2012 about
Hi Andy, I'm truly inspired by your awesome career, I hope to be able to achieve similar heights of greatness with my own art and designs. Whenever I am in doubt, I'll come to this page to give me a boost and to refocus my goals. Thank you for being awesome :) Take care.
"Awesome work"
By stevethomas, 12/19/2011 about
Very inspiring. Thanks for the comments on my space travel posters. I may not have found your work otherwise. It's great!
By Alejandro, 2/22/2011 about
Gallery !!
"been a fan since the New Deal days"
By orezona, 2/18/2011 about
Always loved your work, Andy. Also, we share the same first name so I guess I'm a little biased.
"Thanks to all for the great comments"
By andyhowell, 2/7/2011 about
Thank you to everyone for the great comments and participation in the this vision of Artsprojekt! Happy New Year and here's to kicking ass in 2011~!!! Yo!!!
"Oi oi oi"
By DavidBlatch, 1/9/2011 about
Hi there buddae. Your store is foking awesome man! Cheers for the invite aswell. safe
By ida_larsen_art, 11/14/2010 about
I love your style, very authentic street :) Keep up the great work!
By MONSTERVISIONS, 11/8/2010 about
AMAZING, the monsters are beyond impressed! We vote for you for president! Your work is FANTASTIC, the monsters are your fans to the end!
By MattLandon, 8/23/2010 about
this guy is the man, get it andy
By cynthisonfire, 7/7/2010 about
Artsprojekt rocks!
By DreamLiveLoveLaugh, 6/14/2010 about
you're amazing at what you do; congratulations on being so successful at something you LOVE! ^_^ I especially enjoy your skateboard designs. ROCK on! -charlotte
By deltaops707, 5/21/2010 about
Absolutly love the amazing tallent you produce man. Very surreal and abstract materpeices. Keep up the excellent work, one love! -Evan
By Wiles44, 5/4/2010 about
Great artwork man! Really inspiring to me!
By Bigfnckindeal, 4/11/2010 about
This real talent, keep at it!
By stevethomas, 4/6/2010 about
Thanks for the tweet on my arcade propaganda poster. I appreciate it!
By bd5178, 2/18/2010 about
Nice to have "discovered" you. Fan :)
"Awesome store!"
By thespamama, 2/10/2010 about
Your store rocks!
By bobbistarr, 2/2/2010 about
Nice to meet you!!! Keep on great job!!! Peace!!!
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40 results
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