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CHECK OUT THE NEW FOREVER DESIGN!!! Hey! Thanks for stopping in! These designs are a combination of me, my skater son Zach, and my BMX son Zane. We are just starting out and my desk is overflowing with designs! So keep coming back we will be updating daily. Our store will have something for everyone! Our artistic taste is varied, and our talents are many! I also do custom graphics, flyers brochures, you get the gist of it!:) So if you like my work let me know, I'll hook you up. The Series I just finished are my FLOATING GLASS collection. They are my original photographs, (yep shot them myself!) from the Tacoma Glass museum in Washington state. These shots are from the bridge over the freeway. If your ever in Tacoma, WA you need to check this place out, these Artists are AMAZING!!!! The site is beautiful and has a great history. http://www.museumofglass.org/visit/bridge-of-glass/ So grab a cup of coffee,check out our store, join our fan club if you like (we LOVE our fans!) Click on some of my fans and check out their stores, just make a day out of it! There are so many talented artists on Zazzle, I promise you...it's worth it! Thanx for stopping by, let us know if there is anything we can do for you, or just say hi! buy unique gifts at Zazzle

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"WOW... love all your designs"
By Lluwellyn, 6/24/2009 about
Thank for joining me here at Zazzle by making us mutaul fans.
By hippie216, 5/31/2009 about
thanks for joining my fc!! great work!-Peace Nicole SaladDesigns
"love your work, thanx 4 your visit"
By pixiedesign, 5/28/2009 about
"Thanks for your Visit!"
By PeppersPolishMafia, 5/21/2009 about
Thank you for your comment on my gallery! I feel the same way about your ART!
"thank you"
By vivien_chaos, 5/17/2009 about
i love your art :) nice to meet you
By IntruderAlert92, 5/16/2009 about
thank you. your work is very nice as well :D
"welcome to zazzle!"
By artbyjehf, 5/15/2009 about
Hey thanks for stopping by - and leading me to take a peak at your work. Very nice!
By RAPTURE12894, 5/9/2009 about
By thesmokinfrog, 5/9/2009 about
You, Zach and Zane are doing a great job. I can't wait to see their next creations. Best wishes.
By XxRainbowsxRockxX, 5/9/2009 about
Aha, Thxs^^ Love your site as well. Oh, to add the music you just make yourself a playlist at www.playlist.com and once u add all the music u wanted to your playlist You get the html code and copy and paste it into your "Gallery Description" save it. Then tada. Lol.=] Hoped that helped. Need help with anything else. Just ask^^ Im pretty new at this myself. But i'll be glad to try to help you figure something out. Lots of Luv-Kayla
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