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A black and white wedding theme, or black and white plus bright, or color themes. The wedding ranges by Anni Arts will be expanding along all these themes and include wedding stationery, favors, T-shirts, mugs, ties and other fun stuff. Black and White is of course one of my personal favorite color combos and I will soon be devoting a gallery just to those two colors for both wedding and other products. In the mean time I am combining all color ranges in this gallery. I haven't just climbed on the BLACK and WHITE bandwagon – I've actually never been off it! I have been collecting Black and White porcelain, art and textiles for many years and love designing graphics, products and interiors in these colors. I am very happy about the current popularity of this combo and I am delighted that people have finally realized how perfect these colors are for WEDDINGS. "Black and White and Bright" also look great. Add a contrast color for zing! I have designed various products for a Black and White Wedding Theme. These include: - Items Ready to be Personalized and Ordered here in my Gallery. New products are added all the time. - Coordinating Printable Crafts Designs for DIY Weddings – pretty Stationery, Printable Favors and Labels - Matching Black and White Wedding Scrapbooking - More Ready to Order Products like License Plates, Ring Pillows and Tile Boxes from my other Wedding Store - Articles to read with lots if Ideas for a Black and White Wedding Theme - Plus a Free matching Bragbook to download: Subscribe to Anni Arts Art Mail Black and White is Simply Perfect and Perfectly Simple! Regards Anni PS. Feel free to contact me here on Zazzle or via my Anni Arts website

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"Hi kellykel1122"
By anniarts, 7/16/2009 about
I hope you check back to get this reply about the BW thank you cards, because I don't know how else to reply to you. Zazzle gives big discounts on bulk orders and the product comes packed in sets of ten. When you click to the product, you will see under quantities that there is info about bulk buying in red text next to the quantity. Thanks for contacting me. Regards Anni
By kezze_kezze, 9/7/2008 about
nice art...very nice art...love it...
By inuit1963, 8/6/2008 about
love your BW Art - your gallery is fun to visit - keep up the great work
"What a great gallery!"
By TattooTribes, 8/1/2008 about
I love your black & white art! What an amazing style!! Classy and elegant, and very well balanced... congrats!
"Anni, sorry I spelled your name wrong :("
By Perlyyyy, 6/19/2008 about
"Aww Annie, thanks for stopping by my gallery!"
By Perlyyyy, 6/19/2008 about
Your comment was so very sweet, it made my day! I love your black and white theme, its neat :) I don't know how you do all those patterns so neatly LOL I am all over the place with my lines. I work really hard keeping them clean LOL...
By mingtees, 6/18/2008 about
Thanks so much for favoriting my gallery! I love your designs, really beautiful.
By wildshots, 6/17/2008 about
Thanks for commenting on my cat stuff... is there anything particular you'd like me to create? =)
"Hello Annie"
By Creechers, 6/17/2008 about
classy work here.. thank you so much for your great comment on my work. Good Luck to you :)
"nice and simple"
By trevorcarter314, 6/12/2008 about
I love your stuff!
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