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I am Ansel and I am a Bengal cat. I used to live in a multi kitty household. I got annoyed at the level of attention I was getting, and I started picking on my sisters. My former people used to let me out, but I got into fights (with those mean feral cats, and dogs, too!). Back inside was no good, I hated it and I tore up the furniture, so they had me declawed (Ouch!). I was a sad boy, so they put me on a rescue/adoption website, and my new Meowma and Daddy found me. Meowma says I am a very talkative, lively baby boy. I loves to play. I loves to go out for walks on my leash, and go for trips in the car. I love my backyard in the summer and especially my very own catnip patch. I loves to sleep...under the cubbers with Meowma. I get my treats from Daddy...luvnrubs from Meowma. Life iz gud. Meowma takes lots of pikchures of me cuz she sez I'm beeeeyoooteeeful. You can see some here...I even haz my own GORGEOUS Cat Calendar , too! Everyone needs a new calendar, so pick these up as Christmas gifts!