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Welcome to the swag site for fans of The AntiCraft (http://theanticraft.com) and any other freaks, weirdos, crafters, pagans, punks, or goths who happen to find it. To see the full range of swag available, log into your Zazzle account (or create a new one) and set your preferences to allow PG-13 and R rated products.

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By MyFavoriteStuff, 12/19/2011 about
Hi! You guys (or, um gals) do that Anticraft website, right? I adore it! I never learned how to knit, so most of the projects are quite useless to me, but one day....And it's still fun to explore! (I envision wrapping my neighbor's lamppost in knitted or crocheted something-or-other just because she's a pain in the ***).
"Great designs!"
By needledamage, 5/13/2009 about
I agree... you're going to die anyway, so you might as well knit. Keep rockin' out the designs. -Mick
By BlakkDesignz, 4/14/2008 about
BlakkDesignz was here
By mickeyelvis128, 6/14/2007 about
You need more Designs...
By JBertrand, 2/11/2007 about
I like the greek as well as the attitude. I hope to see more designs!!
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5 results