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anymals.org is an android based app which informs you about the anymal and plant life which surrounds you whenever you turn on your mobile. Just start the anymals app on your android phone. It connects to the anymals server retrieving information about life in your area, depending on your position. If you recognize some species, you can use anymals to log the sighting. The sightings will immediately be uploaded to the anymals server and can be shared with anyone in the world. Anymals is the first app wich turns every wildlife lover into an observer, supporting the community. Each sighting you log, each new species you add, will add more fun for others since they will learn about it. Anymals.org does not try to build up a huge own database. We embrace projects like Wikipedia and Gbif. Therefore further information about the wildlife is displayed through wikipedia - and sightings made with the anymals.org logging function will be submitted to the Gbif database.

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