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"I'm a fan."
By Vintage_from_Marian, 12/19/2011 about
Lovely shop! Cheers, Marian (my Z shops: victorian_girl, vintage_by_Marian, bonsaimwc, digitalmwc, quotesmwc, laughoutloud_tees)
"Nice work!"
By Lyudmila, 12/19/2011 about
Really nice graphics. I love your colors and your style! Beautiful heartwarming illustrations. It's a pleasure to explore your gallery.
By ginnyl52, 7/19/2009 about
LOVE your designs!
"Great Gallery"
By fstasu58, 5/22/2009 about
Your artwork is truly amazing.
By LuraDee, 11/24/2008 about
What a Wonderful gallery with Wonderful graphics! Brilliant Work!
"What Fantastic Detail"
By CowboyCraic, 10/31/2007 about
in your drawings. I am captivated by the "Bird in the Hand". I keep expecting the bird to move! I wish you continued success, Bit
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6 results