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ART TO ENJOY EVERYDAY!! This art is not just for the art enthusiasts! Instead Phil wants his art to appeal to everyone. He loves to make people smile when they look at his work, and say, ” I like that!!” He also want to make good art affordable. For those who couldn’t buy an original painting, Phil’s art is being reproduce on everyday items, like mugs, greeting cards, posters, iPhone and iPad cases, and skins for many electronic devices, e.g., mobile/cell phones, tablets, Kindle and other readers, laptops, etc. Just a short description about us… We are a husband and wife team. Phillip is the ARTIST behind all these beautiful pictures, and Jeanette takes care of production, maketing, sales and networking. Phil’s art is not just for the art enthusiasts. Instead our desire is to create art that everyone can enjoy everyday, and that is affordable. So, if you can’t afford an original painting, you can own a piece of art on something else, like a mug, card, poster, etc. We will be adding more products as we go. And about Phil? He has been painting for years. He started with Showcard and Ticket Writing, and then went to Signwriting. That was in the days when signwriters used a brush. Then with all the digital technology, traditional signwriting has become a dying art. Phil still does both, but loves the brush more, hence the introduction of his new style of art.

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