I Feel My Universe
Mom and Me
Be Silly, it's ok
Monarch Butterfly on pink marigold
Is there any Intelligent Life at all?
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
Love is the greatest Magic of all!
I'd rather be sailing the high seas
I See Orbs
Monarch Twins #1
If you believe in something hard enough
Any Road
Magic is Real
Your a pain in the ass...but I love you anyway
Be the person you want to be
How old would you be?
I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy it !
I'm smiling because I live at the North Pole
The Perfect Man
I Have Always Been
I may be ugly,but I'm beautifully funny
Phoenix Rose in the Sky
Now that I've stopped drinking
I still like to look at girls
I'm so good they should bottle me and sell me !
Monarch Twins #2
My Monarch Butterflies
The Biggest gift is in the smallest package
Tree of Wisdom
The sad part about getting old is...
Tibetan in Spirit
Tomorrow Never Knows
Tree of Life
Veritas vos liberabit (the truth will set you free
We are never alone
Are there any Astral Beings here?
Colorful Palms
Broken Heart/Mending Heart
Be nice or i'll stink ya!
Colored Orbs
Baby Stinkefy !
Diving into the Pensieve...See ya!
Egyptian in Spirit
Forsythe Park

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Hello everyone! I am a fantasy spiritual artist. I draw and paint mainly with pencil,ink,pastels and acyrlics. My Artwork expresses my spirit. I am a searcher of knowledge of self and the world within and without. I also do designs of things that I love. Fav tv shows, movies, books. To animals, saving the world,& funny,silly stuff that will make you laugh. So please look around, enjoy, & I hope you see things you like. Feel free to comment. Peace & Love :) © Copyright artwork by Debra Carr buy unique gifts at Zazzle

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