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Welcome to my gallery on Zazzle. My name is Ed Moore (artist318). I have four types of work here - color nighttime silhouettes of cowboys; black and white, pen and ink landscape drawings of the Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and other places; photographs; and digital art. A lot of my work centers on Yosemite National Park. Lake Tahoe, and some images of Yellowstone National Park and the Western states. The beauty of Zazzle is you can order from among the products I've created (fine art, merchandise, clothing, etc.), or you create your own merchandise, using my artwork, and Zazzle will make it and ship it. Whatever you do, rest assured the Zazzle products you order are top quality. How do I know? Because I have ordered my own fine artwork from Zazzle for various art shows - and everything I ordered looked great! In addition to selling on Zazzle, I also take orders for original silhouettes and landscape drawings. If you want to order an original, or if you are a dealer or wholesaler, ride on over to edmoore318@yahoo.com and let's chat (I work within your budget). All artwork ships in 30 days from the order date. Customers tell me they buy my fine art, frame it using Zazzle, and hang it in their homes, cabins, hotels, motels, ranches, restaurants, businesses, casinos. Whether you choose to buy fine art, merchandise, or make your own, these products make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, and those "just because" moments at affordable prices. There are lots of things here, so kick off your boots, grab a cup of coffee, sit a while, and take a look around. If you really want the full impact of my work, I paint and draw listening to John Denver's music, which you can run on your computer if you download Pandora (http://www.pandora.com) and type in John Denver in the upper left. Whatever you do, have fun and celebrate life! Enjoy the gallery! Vote For Sierra Scenes at The Artists Cafe Top Sites List

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By Vega, 1/11/2015 about
Your artworks is stunning and I’m excited to see you create more in the coming year! Good luck with 2015! :) - Vega
"Thanks for connecting with me Ed"
By Lluwellyn, 2/19/2009 about
Thanks Ed for becoming a fan. Feel free to drop by my gallery and leave some thought. Just like the Traditional Dine/navajo ‘song of the Earth Spirit’ --> Earth is my strength The thoughts of the Earth are my thoughts finding your core by LluwellynBuy greeting cards at ZazzleSee more Civilizations Cultures Cards
"Thanks Olympia"
By artist318, 2/17/2009 about
Hi...hey, thanks for the nice comments...appreciate them!
By olmpal, 2/17/2009 about
Wonderful artwork! Olympia
"Thank You!"
By artist318, 2/17/2009 about
Hey Buffalo, Sherry, and Lluwellyn...Thank you for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. As all artists, I appreciate your comments very much. Best wishes to you all for a safe and successful 2009!
By Lluwellyn, 2/17/2009 about
You have a wonderful gallery. Just beautiful artwork like the "Starry Night in the High Sierra"
By buffaloflats, 2/8/2009 about
Love your work especially the starry nights.
"Thank You!"
By artist318, 1/4/2009 about
I wanted to add a note of thanks to all of you who have visited and left comments. I appreciate your comments very much. Here's a toast to your success in 2009 and beyond! Thanks again.
"Hi Yosemite!"
By picklelilly, 12/12/2008 about
You have some great stuff here many blessings from Pickle Lilly
"Beautiful Gallery!"
By babybunnyusa, 11/9/2008 about
"*Wonderful Gallery*"
By MidnightDreamer, 10/23/2008 about
You are quite a fantastic artist! Peace Always, Leah♥
By sunsets67, 10/15/2008 about
I am a Fan! Enjoy your Gallery....
"Thank you!"
By artist318, 9/27/2008 about
I want to thank all of you who have purchased stamps, bumper stickers and the McCain/Palin shirts. I appreciate your patronage. Thank you.
"Thank You!"
By artist318, 8/28/2008 about
Just want to thank whoever purchased four sets of my Back to the Ranch stamps. Your purchase is very much appreciated!
"Hello from Ireland"
By Celticgirl4, 8/5/2008 about
What a fab gallery you have, long may it prosper, Aine
"Hey Ed...."
By Islandgirl4ever2, 8/2/2008 about
Thanks so much for joining my fan club!! What an honour for me... I love your work, esp. the ones with the stars. Beautiful!! I used to live in San Diego, Ca... Take care, Leesa
By musicaficta, 8/1/2008 about
Thank you for joining my fan club! I love your art; you have such a wonderful gallery!
By pamdicar, 8/1/2008 about
Beautiful banner...lovely artwork.
By BAbdoyan, 7/31/2008 about
Incredible light in your images
By SherryHolderHunt, 7/26/2008 about
Fantastic gallery, your work shimmers with color and style! Thanks for dropping by mine.
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