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An eclectic collection of space and SCI-FI art by Richard Anderson. I think I've always had a love for outer space and a great science fiction story. I've done a variety of art over the years and a large percentage has always focused on otherworldly possibilities. I like to sit in a coffee shop and ponder the next project I'm going to work on. A significant amount of my science fiction and UFO T-Shirt illustrations were developed in this way. Often, as I'm drinking coffee, SCI-FI ideas will develop spontaneously and I start working on them right there, and sometimes stay until they are completed. People sometimes ask me why I work on alien and SCI-FI themes at all, and the answer is that I obviously have fun doing it. I recently added a few vintage style UFO and science fiction t-shirts. I restored some vintage illustrations and added some original text. I tried to imagine what the basic mind set was during the forties and fifties about ufos, flying saucers; and what the govenment might have wanted to comunicate to the public at large. My alien artwork, and graphic design is also available on T-Shirts at . The following is my perspective on the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. It's reads a bit like a science lecture, so you just might want to skip it............ Alien Life by Richard Anderson . Life outside our solar system is no longer complete science fiction. Alien life is now generally considered to be very likely. Due to the Drake Equation* astronomers are now considered naive or out of touch if they don't believe in extraterrestrials somewhere "out there". Billions of galaxies are known to exist, each containing billions of stars. The size of the known universe is continually expanding as we are able to look further and further into space. Latest research shows that planets in star systems are probably typical, instead of the exception. Is it probable that some of these beings are visiting this planet from deep space? The late Carl Sagan didn't think so, because of the vast distances they would have to travel to get here. Although he did publicly state that he believed in extraterrestrial intelligence elsewhere in the universe. I would say most scientists would at least publicly agree that the expanses between star systems are just to great to travel. But isn't it likely that we don't know everything that there is to know about traveling through space and that a civilization that is just 1,000 years ahead of us, in the understanding of physics and advanced propulsion systems, might be able to do better than we can currently imagine?..... © Copyright 2004 Richard Anderson. Good fuel for the imagination ..... Anyways, thanks for checking out my little scifi gift gallery and UFO space shop. NOTE: Click any of the links to the right to get started. These products are all produced and shipped by Zazzle. I've personally ordered a variety of gifts from them and the quality has always been excellent. Note: Zazzle just enhanced the print quality on the dark T-Shirts and now the colors are even better! © Copyright 2004 - 2012 Richard Anderson. *The Drake Equation states that due to the massive amount of stars in the known universe, probability states that intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is inevitable. More info on Frank Drake and his now famous equation can be found at: Visit Galactica and Shirtstuff