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The Mission The mission of the Autism Treatment Center is to assist people with autism and related disorders throughout their lives as they learn, play, work and live in the community. Values * ATC will promote and support the personal success of each consumer. * ATC will treat each consumer with respect, courtesy and dignity. * ATC will assist the people we serve to develop means and opportunities to communicate needs, desires, feelings, and to make personal choices. * ATC will provide a learning environment, which will increase competence and independence in both functional and enriching activities. Individual abilities, interests, and preferences of the people we serve will be the prime consideration in providing for a balance of education, work and leisure. * ATC will strive for a collaborative effort by staff, family members, outside individuals and agencies and will use a wide range of approaches to bring about gains in all areas of development. * ATC will maintain a qualified, competent and ethical staff who are provided continual opportunities for professional and personal growth and are encouraged to be involved in a process of participatory management and to exercise initiative to pursue innovative program development. * ATC is committed to carrying out the mission by making use of the most promising professional practices, frequently evaluating our methods of operating and by remaining receptive to new ideas and change.

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