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Explore our collection of atheist designs and quotations on a wide variety of apparel. There's something for every atheist, agnostic, skeptic, and freethinker out there!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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"Hello atheist store!"
By briman232, 12/19/2011 about
I recently featured some of your shirts on a blog post, "the 50 best atheist shirts this X-mas". It sure would be cool if you helped promote the post on facebook, digg, stumbleupon etc. Hopefully it will get some people to buy some atheist shirts. We've got a war on christmas to fight here! Thanks, and keep up the good work! http://aristotles-muse.blogspot.com/2010/11/50-best-atheist-shirts-online-this-x.html
"T-Shirt Slogan Idea"
By truthseeker1, 12/19/2011 about
"A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell."- C. S. Lewis
"Good Dialog!"
By zazzlegear, 10/23/2010 about
Those who claim to represent "extra-natural " authority can no longer hide behind mysterious absurdity and supernatural explanations. Reason, compassion, *and humor* are steady guides for a good and meaningful life. Keep this conversation visible and productive! ~Be well.
"Love your store!"
By feedmelinguini, 7/31/2010 about
"Thumbs up!"
By yuidaoren, 12/28/2009 about
This is a fabulous collection. Team Darwin, ho! :D
By longdistgramma, 12/15/2009 about
Love your store.
By MingusDew, 8/7/2009 about
So really it took me about a half a minute to figure out that you really don't give a damn and that your just trying to make a buck off of the atheist craze. Good luck caulk mongers
"Good Job"
By Shayne13, 8/3/2009 about
Thank god someone is gettin the atheist word out there.
"T-shirts work, but..."
By ArmandAudrey, 8/2/2009 about
A guy my sister was dating was being harassed by Jehova's Witnesses who kept pounding on the door when he was in the shower. One day he got sick of it, so he just answered the door naked. It worked. By the way, I love your merch. Keep up the good work! www.armandaudrey.com
By caras2, 8/2/2009 about
A couple times a year or more I am visited by Christians grieving for my soul at my front door ; They let me know I am living a sinners life and will burn in hell. Nothing like being judged on your own doorstep! Wearing a t-shit to show off my beliefs is perfectly acceptable in return. Some people feel just as strongly about sharing their views regarding the innocent people being brainwashed by religion and the church. It is definitely fair play to wear these garments that provoke dialogue or thought. Remember: It has always been the way of the church to enthusiastically convince people to join using guilt and scare tactics. So why can't the nonreligious enthusiastically try to convince these people that THEIR way wrong?
"freedom of mind"
By rich_in_ri, 8/1/2009 about
there comes a time in the life of many intelligent people when they must begin to question everything they have been taught- this is generally considered to be a sign of higher development. the transition from the simple "black & white" linear thinking of childhood to the realization that there is much more "gray" than either "black" or "white" in matters of life, for most, is the beginning of a lifetime of inquiry. this journey of discovery usually enriches the wanderer beyond measure, as wonder awaits at every turn. to eliminate the words "always" and "never" from our vocabulary can be one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.
"Half of product inappropriate"
By jmdaji, 8/1/2009 about
Theo's right. Nothing wrong with promoting your own beliefs, but bashing others' beliefs is plain wrong.
By remnant134, 7/30/2009 about
i was raised catholic, went to church every sunday, mother was a cce teacher, every member of my family is religious in some way, many of my friends are as well. yet, in the beginning of high school, i found i did not agree nor buy much of catholicism and have ever since been an athiest. everyone has a choice.
"To Really"
By wjduncan1971, 7/29/2009 about
I highly doubt that "what someone chooses to believe in as their view of life is a serious decision" I mainly say this due to the indoctrination and brain washing which most denominations of Christianity puts their children through. This in turn leaves the child, upon maturity, no CHOICE in the matter. Therefore, they just follow along with the rest of the cattle.
By Centerman, 7/29/2009 about
Too bad that none of these will make any religiously indoctrinated person stop and think with an open mind for a moment. The faithful will die believing in fairy tales.
By Theoneguy, 7/29/2009 about
And I am Agnostic for the record.
By Theoneguy, 7/29/2009 about
When people flaunt what they believe in and bash what other people believe in it is severely annoying, REGARDLESS of your beliefs. Making fun of someone else's beliefs (especially on a shirt) is a great way to be a complete asshole. Just remember that what someone chooses to believe in as their view of life is a serious decision, and making fun of that is just wrong.
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