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By jaartist28, 12/19/2011 about
For coming by and welcome aboard Zazzle! Nice start on your website! We're joining your FC!
"G'day fellow Aussie Artist :)"
By webgrrl, 2/22/2010 about
Thank you for joining my fan club at Psydewalk which is just one of my many shops in Zazzle. I have taken the privilage to join/connect with you also via your Facebook group and requested as a friend on your profile page. I am very interested in connecting with other similar artist like myself for inspiration and friendship.. Regards, Firdaus (Webgrrl)
"Hi David, thanks for joining my fan club, I really do"
By design_girl, 2/22/2010 about
appreciate it, and I also joined yours.
"Great Looking Shoes!"
By jaartist28, 2/22/2010 about
Your designs look great on your shoes!
"Welcome to Zazzle... Have Fun..."
By gregvan, 2/22/2010 about
Try mixing real protographs of real people, landscapes, surf, sunsets with the computer generated art. A combination is interesting... For example replace the sky in a photo of a panoramic landscape with a geometric abstract... as if... the mandala was the real sunset...
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