1797 British "cartwheel" penny
1871 French 10 centime, obverse
1871 French 10 centime, reverse
1911 Russian 3 kopek
1922 British sixpence
1928 British shilling
1936 British penny
1936 US "Buffalo nickel tails
1936 US "Buffalo" nickel heads
1937 British farthing
1943 US "Mercury" dime heads
1943 US "Mercury" dime tails
1944 British three pence
1950 British half crown
1957 British sixpence
1960 British halfpenny
1966 British two shilling

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Coins that have been in circulation -- used, handled and worn -- are seldom worth much in the marketplace unless they are very old or very rare. Real coin collectors call relatively modern circulated coins "lunch money" and don't think much of them. I'm not a real coin collector -- I love lunch money! Cheap to buy and wonderful to handle, a used coin is a time traveler, a little piece of all the hands it has passed through. Here are some of my favorite bits of my worthless collection.