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Big Cat Rescue, a non profit educational sanctuary, is devoted to rescuing and providing a permanent home for exotic (i.e. wild, not domestic) cats who have been abused, abandoned, bred to be pets, retired from performing acts, or saved from being slaughtered for fur coats, and to educating the public about these animals and the issues facing them in captivity and in the wild. The sanctuary is home to the most diverse population of exotic cats in the world, with 16 species and subspecies of wild cat represented among more than 100 residents. These include tigers, lions, liger, leopards, cougars, bobcats, lynx, ocelots, servals, caracals and others, many of whom are threatened, endangered, or now extinct in the wild. Big Cat Rescue is a true sanctuary for big cats and small wild cats, too. They are located in Tampa, Florida. They do NOT buy, sell or breed their cats. None of the cats are in small cats or on concrete. All of the cats have nice Cat-A-Tats. The cats receive proper medical care, a high quality diet appropriate for their species, and regular enrichment.

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13 results
"Love big cats!"
By Sharon Fernleaf, 6/22/2013 about
Just found your website and absolutely love these animals. Thank you for the work you do! So glad you're here on Zazzle.
By chris_scroggins, 1/8/2011 about
So glad to see Big Cat Rescue on Zazzle!
"You get to work around these beautiful creatures?"
By Stuff_For_Sale, 12/5/2010 about
I'm jealous...
"Glad to see your store!"
By karenhartswildcats, 11/17/2010 about
Looks like you guys have dedicated a lot of time to designing great products!
"Calendar dates"
By BCRcats, 11/4/2010 about
Hi, I did reply. My apologies I may not have done it correctly. I replied by the contact member thing to answer directly instead of posting here. THANK YOU for helping promote our big cat products, which in turn helps us help the cats. According to zazzle, we have no control over the dates on the calendar. That is all done through Zazzle. We just upload the photos and set them on the areas of the calendar where they go. Zazzle & the customer then have full control over the dates and the styles, too. We also set the products to allow the customer to add their own customizations as well. That way customers can add their own personal touches to them.
"Calendar dates"
By catsforafrica, 11/4/2010 about
Hi there, I am promoting two of your calendars on my website - the caracal & serval, which I have ordered myself and they are stunning thank you! When will the default dates change to 2011? This site is a bit tricky for those who are not that computer literate and customers may order a calendar with 2010 dates by mistake :( I did use the Contact feature to send a message a few weeks ago about the dates, but never had a reply. Great work you do!
"Nice Cats!"
By TrudyWilkerson, 10/5/2010 about
Love your gallery of the cats....congrats on your TBA.
"Congrats on your TBA! *•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆"
By galleriaofart, 10/4/2010 about
"Your cat calender is featured on my blog"
By AbundanceLoveTrip, 3/3/2010 about
"A big warm furry welcome to Zazzle!"
By RavenSpiritPrints, 12/29/2009 about
It's fantastic to see you here! Skye
By laureenr, 9/25/2009 about
Fantastic images. Brilliant gallery/
"Wonderful shop!"
By ArtForCritters, 9/9/2009 about
Great photography. Thank you for helping animals in need.
By Veroshi, 9/1/2009 about
Hope you don't mind I added a few of your shirts to my Squidoo lens! Which supports Big Cat Rescue. I didn't know you had a Zazzle page too!
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