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Bee Hummingbird 2 T-Shirt


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Men's Basic Dark T-Shirt
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About this product
Style: Men's Basic Dark T-Shirt

Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight dark color t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. Made from 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. We’ve double-needle stitched the bottom and sleeve hems for extra durability. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it to make it uniquely yours!

Size & Fit

  • Model is 6’2” and is wearing a medium
  • Standard fit
  • Fits true to size

Fabric & Care

  • 100% cotton (Heathers are a cotton/poly blend)
  • Tagless label for comfort
  • Double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom
  • Imported
  • Machine wash cold
About this design
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Bee Hummingbird 2 T-Shirt
The Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) is a hummingbird, and the smallest of all birds (with the male being smaller than the female of the species). It can be found in Cuba (where it is called the zunzún) and the Isle of Youth. Its mass is approximately 1.8 grams, which is lighter than a penny, and it is about 5 cm (2 inches) long.---------------------The bee hummingbird may be the world's smallest warm-blooded vertebrate, rivaled only by the Etruscan Shrew and the Bumblebee Bat. When flying, its wings beat 80 times per second, up to 200 times per second during courtship displays. Its heart rate is the second fastest of all animals. Bee hummingbirds also have the fewest feathers of all birds. Their body temperature is 40 °C (104 °F), the highest of all birds. At night, their body temperature drops down 19 °C (66 °F) to save energy. Bee hummingbirds eat half their total body mass and drink 8 times their total body mass in water each day. The bee hummingbird can be found in woodland, shrubbery, and gardens in Cuba and the Isle of Pines. Its nest is only 3 cm across. The bee hummingbird's diet consists mainly of nectar and insects.
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