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MARK BLOODWORTH Illustration & Design A storyteller and artist who created the critically favored, urban crime comic book: NIGHTSTREETS for Arrow Comics during “The Black and White Independent Explosion of the Eighties” from 1985-89. In early 1990 he took over art chores on another Arrow title called DEADWORLD (now being published by Desperado). After a few issues Mark had taken over both art and writing chores on the book. In 1991 he was contracted by Marvel Comics to create character design, spot illos, and story art for CLIVE BARKER’S: HELLRAISER. Throughout the rest of that decade and into the new millennium he illustrated many titles, such as: CHEERLEADERS FROM HELL, JACK THE RIPPER, RAVEN CHRONICLES, THE RIPPER LEGACY (from Caliber Comics); the critically hailed ABEL, written by William Harms (from AiT/Planet Lar); and three plates for ZORRO: THE MASTERS EDITION, VOL 1 (from Pulp Adventures). Working as a commercial artist providing services, concept art, presentation graphics, rendered images, logos, and a mountain of storyboards for many advertising, apparel and marketing agencies from coast to coast. Since 2004, Mark has been working with film director and instructor, Douglas Schulze (co-founder of the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan) on his latest movie endeavor providing storyboards, concept and production art. Most recently, Mark’s artwork can be seen in his MIDNIGHT MORTUARY, an homage to all those great black & white comic monster magazines of the 1970’s; and THE RIPPER LEGACY Trade Paperback, the collected 3 issue mini-series written by Jim Alexander (both released through Transfuzion Publishing). More art in print can be found in the Girls of Deadworld Portfolio, the centerpiece of the anthology, DEADWORLD CHRONICLES (from Desperado); as well as working with talents Shannon Denton, Christopher Long, and Rob Worley on a series of children’s books called SHORT TALES (released through the Magic Wagon wing of ABDO Publishing).

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By LeahG, 6/13/2015 about
You are today's featured designer, please enter any bio revision you desire in comments and I will update it for you. http://leahg.me/midnight-mortuary-comic-monster-toon-gifts-and-accessories-from-mark-bloodworth/
"I didn't know you had a Zazzle!"
By asfallleaves, 4/3/2012 about
Swing by mine whenever you get a chance.
"Looking good Mark!"
By asfallleaves, 4/3/2012 about
Fantastic work Mark! I hope people realize what an opportunity it is to be able to buy products like this from you, and pick up some items!
"Your Gallery Rocks BWS"
By Xzendor7, 10/8/2010 about
By victordiogenes, 4/29/2009 about
Very nice your "Sexy Witch", I hope that you put more illustrations like that. Success.
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