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Blue Aegis Creative Designs
Mobile, Alabama
Blue Aegis Creative Designs (BACD) is one of many online product and service marketing venues of Blue Aegis Software and Marketing. Our primary website is located at http://www.blueaegis.com We are constantly adding to our inventory of quality products at BACD. Shop our store and rest assured that if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return your purchase for a replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt. Your satisfaction is important to us at BACD, as is your peace of mind while shopping with us. To that end, take comfort in knowing that your credit card purchases are processed cross SSL secured servers which are tested daily to ensure the safety of your payment and shipping information. MY OTHER ZAZZLE STORES Patriotic Republican - www.zazzle.com/patrioticrepublican MAKE MONEY WITH BLUE AEGIS! Want to earn money from your website or blog? It's simple to do. When you sign up as an Associate of Blue Aegis you will receive 15% from sales that you refer to us. You'll even be able to get code that you can add to your website or blog to reproduce a flash storefront just like the one below, to help drive us customers and earn you referral dollars! Design personalized gifts at Zazzle. To get started promoting products by Blue Aegis and to make money from your website or blog, CLICK HERE .
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