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PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING ELSE FROM THIS ACCOUNT. WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF SHUTTING IT DOWN BECAUSE OUR TROOP NUMBER HAS CHANGED. OUR NEW ZAZZLE ACCOUNT IS www.zazzle.com/boyscouttroop109 THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT, PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW SITE BOYSCOUTTROOP109 AND JOIN OUR FAN CLUB THERE. ALL PICTURES AND ITEMS FROM THIS ACCOUNT WILL BE MOVED TO THAT ONE OVER THE NEXT COUPLE WEEKS. THANKS AGAIN =) HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! We would also like to thank Horseshoes3 also here on Zazzle horseshoes3's Gallery at Zazzle for their support. Please visit their sites as well, they have some wonderful products. Free TopSite buy unique gifts at Zazzle

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By myrtieshuman, 12/19/2011 about
Thank you for stopping by myrtieshuman! You have such great photos here! You are in a very beautiful part of the country! This a wonderful project for your troop. Now I'm a fan.
"Very Nice!"
By pammys, 12/19/2011 about
I want to thank you as well for all the very nice comments on my items! It's very appreciated!~Pam
By Horseshoes3, 12/19/2011 about
I forgot to say that a Boy Scout Troop was working the booth when we went to the Lights in the Parkway this year. i know it wasn't your troop, but I made everyone stick their heads out the window and yell "Yeah Boy Scouts!" It's so fun to embarass you family, isn't it? He, he - Grace
By Galapagosurf, 3/24/2010 about
great photography congrats!
By NatureCraze, 1/25/2010 about
You really have AWESOME products. I sure hope I can be on my way to your level of success with my Photography products. Best wishes to you!
By sunsett76, 3/23/2009 about
Stopping by to see what you all need help with. Looks like I've got some updating to do for you. I'll get to it this week.
By olmpal, 2/10/2009 about
Christmas trees by zazzleproducts1 cardsSee other Major Holidays Cards
By normagolden, 2/10/2009 about
The world could use more scouts... boys and girls I am a fan. NormaGolden
"Thank You to everyone who supports us here on Zazzle."
By BoyScoutTroop102, 2/9/2009 about
Whether you have joined our fan club or purchased from our gallery, all your support is appreciated.
"Thanks for joining!"
By OSeeGee, 1/31/2009 about
So nice of you to stop by my gallery and add such a nice comment. (I’m back from a long time away =) Nice variety of designs.
"Nice Gallery!"
By FitToBeTied, 12/22/2008 about
Best wishes to the troop!
"Super photography !"
By mindpixels, 12/9/2008 about
I enjoyed this site and will be back, have a great day
By TexasSighs, 11/29/2008 about
thanks for the kind comment and for joing my friends list! keep up the great work, the scout organization is certainly a worthy cause! annie
By sunsets67, 11/24/2008 about
Nice gallery!
By ZazzleGalleries, 10/27/2008 about
Voting link has been activated, go vote hurry up! all non-zazzlers can vote too, get yr freinds n family to vote good luck to all(Maria.G)
"What a beautiful gallery!"
By noodleli, 10/9/2008 about
Thank you for visiting MidnightSun and joining my FC! Much appreciated!!!! =)
By olmpal, 10/6/2008 about
Hi, i like your photos! They are great! Olympia
By dpierce1313, 9/15/2008 about
Thank you very much for your comments.
"Hi "
By forbes1954, 9/14/2008 about
You have some really neat stuff. Great Pics!!!
"Thanks so much...."
By dlgray, 9/14/2008 about
for joining my fan club and for the wonderful compliment on my Squirrel Poster. You have an awesome gallery and fantastic photos. Great work and for a great cause....have fun zazzling. Best wishes to you all!!! :)
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