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The BREAST CANCER WARRIOR Store is the online home of official BREAST CANCER WARRIOR merchandise -- clothing; jewelry; gifts; cards, and much, much more, featuring the trademarked Breast Cancer Warrior Logo. ALL net proceeds benefit the BREAST CANCER WARRIOR FOUNDATION. The online home of The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation is: BreastCancerWarrior.net -- the ULTIMATE Breast Cancer web site, filled with Help, Hope & Humor. And if you love Greeting Cards, please visit THE CARD OUTLET where you will find hundreds of the most amazing cards you've ever seen -- cards for all seasons and all reasons. (www.zazzle.com/TheCard0utlet). The Card Outlet is a proud sponsor of THE BREAST CANCER WARRIOR FOUNDATION.

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"Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer"
By Jean, 7/14/2013 about
How about some shirts for the Warriors of MBC. We aren't survivors but we're fighting everyday for our lives. My stage 4 sisters and I feel left out of the whole breast cancer awareness movement. Very few of the shirts pertain to us as our journey is an incurable one. The metastasis are painful and try as we might, we mostly likely will never meet NED. We need some products that more accurately convey our experience with this journey. We're warriors fighting everyday from the trenches. Please help us. Wage the war on Stage 4 MBC!!
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