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Cary Charles Merchandise
Taunton, United Kingdom
I am fascinated by how we experience, recall and represent the world, and this feeds into my professions; artist, photographer and clinical hypnotherapist. I studied Advanced Visual Display after a very creative childhood, and tend to pursue whatever truly inspires me. Art teaches me that mistakes often become the most enchanting element, coming so often from the unconscious. At 17, I was one of only two artists to sell on opening night at a collective exhibition. When accepted, commissions can take my work in new and unexpected directions. My style evolves continuously reflecting desire to advance skills and reinterpret the act of recalling and depicting. I initially worked with watercolours, inks and acrylics. Nowadays I favour oils and charcoal/chalk. I often use photography to capture subjects literally, then reinterpret on canvas or with digital processing. A work in progress is called the 'Luminous London' series and here on Zazzle are the Special Edition prints. The series will grow over time, and includes many of my best works yet. My website, carycharles.com features a lot more information about artworks featured here, and visiting the Cary Charles Facebook Page enables you to access a regular blog and updates about works in progress etc.
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