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Hello and Welcome to Cats Eye View Gifts! I'm so happy you stopped by - I love sharing my photography and would love to hear from you with any comments, suggestions, or questions. If there is something you are interested in but don't see, please contact me. I work days, but check my email every evening and will be happy to assist in any way possible. You can email me at CatsEyeViewGifts@aol.com 2012 Donation Information: Donations have been made to Cats Are My Love, Inc, Florida Exotic Pet Rescue, and Veterans Affinity Group. 2013 Donation Information I just received my royalty / Artist Commission check for 2013. Half of that money has been donated to help a young lady and her daughter get a bus ticket home after a devastating emotional blow. The other half is going to buy cat food for a wonderful lady with cancer who gets much joy from taking care of the strays in her neighborhood but really can't afford it. Monthly donations are still being made to Cats Are My Love, Inc foster parent Kathy. To Continue through 2014!!! -- Donation Commitment - At the present time I am donating 100% of the Artist Commission for the sale of all Cats Eye View Gifts to local charities and peoples in need. The group I work most closely with at the current time is Cats Are My Love, Inc. Donations are currently going to provide monies to cover food, litter, and medical services for kitties in the Orlando Area. If you ever want to see photos of these foster kitties please stop by my flickr photo stream - http://www.flickr.com/photos/love4kittenz/ http://catsaremylove.com/ Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your visit! Please feel free to contact me with comments / questions / requests. Dawn Marie PS - I know when you purchase something from "my e-store" you are actually purchasing from zazzle; but I've always wanted to at least be able to say "Thank You" ... I have created a Facebook page to share news and say Thank You - so please feel free to visit "D' Marie Catseyeviewgifts" on facebook.

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By sjn_drawings, 12/16/2012 about
Ha! VERY Cute cats! :)
By Destiny, 11/10/2012 about
Nice store cute cats!
"Thank You"
By mollymortphotography, 10/11/2012 about
Hello, I just saw the comments you left for me on my mortuary calendar. Thank you very much, I'm happy someone found it of interest and enjoyed the photos :)
By nancylynnfree, 8/17/2010 about
I am VERY impressed Dawn Marie!! You Go Girl!!
By alyceclover, 7/28/2010 about
...Zazzle ~ my fav color is green and I love frogs, this makes me very hoppy.
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