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For almost twenty years I've lived in North San Luis Obispo County, California, surrounded by vineyards and wine tasting rooms. I see views of wine country that few tourists see because I have time to take the backroads, walk the vineyards through the seasons, and watch the harvests. Live here long enough and this country becomes part of you -- something you will keep in your heart forever. You will never forget the colors in the sky before the sun sets over the vineyards or the ever changing cloud patterns before and after the winter storms. I have captured many of these scenes with my camera and preserved them for you on posters, mugs, shirts, and other gifts you can give yourself to preserve your memories of your visit to the Central Coast Wine County of California. Or, perhaps you or someone you know grew up in Paso Robles or Templeton and is leaving this part of the country for a new school or a new job. Choose one of these gifts to help them remember what they left and show their friends what "back home" looks like.

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"Love your new store!"
By sheilamarie78, 6/14/2011 about
What a strong start! Looks good, Barbara.
"Great store!"
By Patricia, 6/13/2011 about
I love it!
By GrandmaMarilyn, 6/13/2011 about
Love your store. It has so much eye appeal.
"Best of Luck"
By mbgphoto, 6/13/2011 about
This store should be a winner! Wish you all the best.
"I'm a fan!"
By Sandyspider, 6/13/2011 about
Great start and name for new store.
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5 results