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CodeRage™ Defined Come on…It’s not about fury, anger, or road rage. It’s all about enthusiasm, intensity, and a passion for programming. A CodeRage is simply a very large techy party that no one is actually invited to….but EVERYONE goes because you just can’t miss it! Call it radical, gnarly, or even awesome…..It’s where developers meet to share ideas, learn programming techniques, and see the latest development technologies from CodeGear. Rage (verb) [ rayj ] - An alternative to the word “cool” as a response. Example: Dude 1: “I just signed up to attend CodeGear’s new CodeRage virtual conference.” Dude 2: “RAGE!”

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"Techy vs. Techie"
By MikeTheCat, 3/13/2007 about
Hmmm, a Techie is certainly a lable for a person, but can't a "y" suffix just mean "having to do with" the subject (root word)?
By aikimark, 3/12/2007 about
Don't you mean "techie"?!?
"Rage! Shout-out from Macau!"
By CraigMartin, 3/12/2007 about
Rage! Delphi rocks! :-) Have a great conference.
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3 results