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From "Red Flag" and "Through God's Eyes's" to "White Trash with Money" You will find all your Cody McCarver gear! REAL! That is the word to describe Cody McCarver. In 2008 alone Cody had a #1 Video with his Top 20 hit single "Red Flag". He has had another Top 20 single with his Hit "Through Gods Eyes. These two singles have garnered him 2 Awards, Music Rows Independent Artist and Music Row's Independent Breakout Artist of the year.If you call Cody a Good Ole Boy, he will just smile with pride as he was born and raised in Dunlap, Tennessee, a quiet suburb of Chattanooga. His musical career began at age 9, playing piano in a small church. Teaching himself to play multiple instruments, by age 17 he was performing in local Honky Tonks. Check out the Self Titled CD from Cody McCarver later this year. You wont be sorry.

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"cody mafia shirts"
By mike_brooks1, 12/29/2009 about
wow these shirts are great!!!!!
By LANA WILLIAMS, 11/16/2009 about
Wow! You have some seriously great merchandise! Especially like the dog attire!!
By codymccarver, 11/6/2009 about
We would like to welcome everyone to Cody McCarvers Offical Zzazzle store. Check back frequently, as new things are added daily. Make sure you let us know what you like and what you love! All comments are welcome.
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