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T-shirts, apparel, prints, posters mugs & more featuring original funny/humorous cartoon art & illustration by cartoonist/illustrator George Coghill. From sexy pinup girls to hot rod monsters, with disc golf designs and hot rod creatures in between, if you're looking for original, high-quality cartoon & illustration t-shirt art you've reached Nirvana. Coghill Cartooning is the freelance illustration biz of professional cartoonist & illustrator George Coghill. You'll find quality, original illustration & design with a sense of humor and attitude. And it's all available to have for your very own on premium apparel and other merchandise. Great for gifts, or just treating yourself.

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"Great Designs!"
By Pufahl, 12/19/2011 about
I really love the Sexy Pinup Devils. I'm a fan!
"devil girl"
By hksmitty, 12/19/2011 about
devil girl makes me want to be a guy for some reason ~ ok, she's hot
By ian rogers aka rogers bros, 11/19/2011 about
cool original characters and artwork....) ian
"Top Shelf cartooning"
By Seitu Hayden, 8/12/2011 about
You have a lot of cool stuff here. I'm a new fan!
By coghill_cartooning, 2/18/2011 about
Thanks for all the compliments!
By floppypoppygifts, 2/18/2011 about
Grrrrrrreat Work!
"Mr. Skygack from Mars says..."
By skygack, 10/13/2010 about
The Pickled Pig rocks!!!
"Thanks Yshua!"
By coghill_cartooning, 9/20/2010 about
Agreed, it would be great to do custom discs via Zazzle, but everyone is so particular about their discs it might be tough to settle on just one. Innova & Discraft offer custom discs, but you need to order in bulk. I'd totally do that with enough pre-orders though!
"Thanks Phil!"
By coghill_cartooning, 4/5/2010 about
"Love it dude!"
By phil_longmeier, 4/2/2010 about
Cool cartoons! Love your style
By coghill_cartooning, 3/12/2009 about
Thanks @hadleymonster!
"You have an awesome gallery!"
By hadleymonster, 3/12/2009 about
"New disc golf t-shirts uploaded"
By coghill_cartooning, 3/1/2009 about
@dthamilton: I just uploaded the new disc golf t-shirt designs you requested, should be up in few hours according to Zazzle. Let me know if these are what you were looking for.
"Disc golf t-shirts"
By Dan, 2/13/2009 about
I didn't receive any message. All art on the front, not too large, nothing on the back. Should look nice on a black t-shirt.
"Re: disc golf shirts"
By coghill_cartooning, 2/12/2009 about
@dhamilton - I sent you a Zazzle message (I think it went to you). Let me know how you'd like to see the design worked up -- all the art on one side, or icon one side and text on the other? I work it up for you.
"Disc golf"
By Dan, 2/12/2009 about
Ditto for the chain smoker bumper sticker....
"Disc golf"
By Dan, 2/11/2009 about
Could you make the "Basket case" bumper sticker as a t-shirt? I would buy!
By indiebabexx, 12/2/2008 about
Cool gallery
"Nice work"
By fawazo, 9/4/2008 about
Loving you characters, very cooool
By nextgreatone91, 8/26/2008 about
good stuff
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