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Concussion has been providing skateboard, music and art enthusiasts an underground alternative to more corporate-influenced mainstream publications. Concussion reflects a hardcore lifestyle which both its readers and publishers strive to be a part of. Shying away from the mainstream youth marketing campaigns which target such things as the X-Games and other extreme sports tours, Concussion prefers to feature a more underground style of skateboarding often found in drained backyard pools, empty concrete spillways or behemoth skateparks in the middle of nowhere. Here are our exclusive products offered only through Artsprojekt.

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"Crazy Stuff!"
By Pufahl, 7/7/2009 about
The Maiden design rocks! I'm a definite fan!
"Love your Designs"
By RW_IMAGES, 2/21/2009 about
Just keep your work comin!
By orezona, 2/11/2009 about
One of the better skate mags in recent years. Concussion will be missed. Take care and keep barging those backyarders.
By indiebabexx, 12/5/2008 about
Love your work
By InfraredGraphics, 10/11/2008 about
nice gallery man. love the skate boards!
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5 results