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Conquer Club is an online multiplayer variation of a popular world domination board game. Join us at www.conquerclub.com

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"Baseball Jerseys ???"
By luxCRUSADER, 6/18/2009 about
As your accounting department can tell you... I spent almost 200 dollars on various AMAZING products you all got here ! I continuously wear my hat, shirt, sweatshirt and my mouse LOVES the pad that I got. OK... now I arrive to my point... Could you also sell Base ball Jerseys with the Conquer Club Logo... I would easily spend another almost 200 dollars on that :-D
By chelsea83, 6/8/2009 about
i love the games
"In Responce to DemonDogs"
By tomsemailis, 12/9/2008 about
Go to the MapFoundry, since when does maps have anything to do with the shop?
"new maps"
By demondogs, 9/13/2008 about
have you thought about the star wars or star trek universe or possible D&D worlds Greyhawk /Forgotten Realms / Feudal Japan China ae. legend of the five rings
By mikek92349, 4/23/2008 about
I joined your FC! Keep up the good work
By hotjoy_25, 3/30/2008 about
This online risk game is great! Everyday i have to play my game and every time im bored all i have to do is sign in and injoy my time... looking forward to get that sexy tshirt with map of philippines...
"New Products"
By Battle_Rage, 3/22/2008 about
Love your work! Any chance in the near future of personalised items, such as clan shirts and/or user name shirts/mugs ect?
"Conquer Club"
By solar1, 3/10/2008 about
This Zazzle page poped up while in the middle of my play,Odd i thought !!so i X it away,later the next day i was looking at my histroy files and came across Zazzle so i clicked on it to read more so i thought i would add to the comments.But as i read what was posted ,I thought !! what more can i say !!...Thanks for the great site
"conquer club"
By razza56, 1/11/2008 about
hi boys and girls i am in charge of this game and if you need me for anything just send me a message ok and i dont care if it is crap because i will just make it better and at least its still a game
"jealous spouse"
By jrhulk950, 1/7/2008 about
I just bought the jealous spouse t-shirt and i can't wait to show it to my fiance!! She gets really upset when i come over to her place and use her computer to take my next turn on conquerclub. It's awesome!!
"T Shirt improvment"
By Black_Warrior, 7/16/2007 about
The T Shirts are looking good but what if we put the player's name, specific or desired rank and of course the CC Logo!
"This rocks, but..."
By jinxmarquis, 6/1/2007 about
The jealous spouse bit is hilarious and completely true. I'd buy one of the shirts if it had the Jealous quote on front and one of the Maps on the back. This site is awesome in the fact you can choose which shirt style and color you want with a PREVIEW. Great find Lack. Can't wait to see what's coming next. It's impossible to NOT stay addicted to CC.
"Board Map Purchases"
By Lancaster_sg, 5/30/2007 about
For the traditional face to face board game option, it would be nice if you could get hard copies of the maps in a fold up board (similar to the original). I am guessing that this would be frought with copyright issues though.
"Conquer Club"
By dcowboys055, 5/30/2007 about
Keep it up lack!
By aarmale, 5/30/2007 about
I love the game and i love the stuff! Thanks Lackattack!
By B0ssh0G, 5/30/2007 about
This is UCAbears and ever since I arrived at this site May 15, 2006 I have loved it. btw does anyone know if the hats are fitted?
"New Stuff!"
By reelkmcn, 5/30/2007 about
This site is awesome! Even in the details it gets more exciting. Thanks Lack!
By podge52, 5/30/2007 about
The site just goes from strength to strength. Very good work Lack; Keep it up
"Fantastic advertisement for a fantastic game."
By cbtzor, 5/30/2007 about
I love the game. Now I can easily tell others of this game when I wear a hat or drink my morning cup of joe. Word of mouth, or in this case of eye promotion is vital. It's easier to have someone see the logo and ask "what's that?" And besides, it looks great!
"Conquer Club"
By conquer122, 5/30/2007 about
It is amazing where this organization has gone since I've been a member in January of 07, I am on the site daily and this addition to the club (shop) makes my infatuation so much more intense! Conquer Club RULES!!
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