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Curse_final_A Car Bumper Sticker
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  • Bumper Sticker: Front
About this product
Style: Bumper Sticker

Make your car a reflection of you! Get your point across with this quality bumper sticker that will outlast heavy rain, intense sunlight, and the most severe of traffic jams.

  • 11" x 3" – Large enough for any message.
  • 100% weatherproof.
  • Made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back that will hold up under the most severe of conditions.
  • Printed with water-resistant ink that won’t fade or run.
  • No minimum order.
About this design
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Curse_final_A Car Bumper Sticker
Genius scientist Rusty Steele is in his lab, busy sampling his newest invention, a hybrid plant grown on planet marz he has dubbed Jolly Green Giant that makes everyone who partakes of it filled with love. A folder labeled Top Secret SOS races down a pipe, dropping on the table. For years, the Intergalactic Vampire has been injecting dread into the hearts of innocent people. Standing in the way of this evil vampire is a single brave soul: the Scientist. The Scientist brings nothing more to the table than a love of mankind and a talent for reggae beats. But these tools are more deadly than they appear. Some may say that mere humans cannot possible defeat intergalactic vampires, but with a little creativity and a lot of hard work, the dream that the Scientist rids the world of evil just might come true. This adventure is explored in the Scientist reggae album, a music collection containing a story like no other. In the Scientist album, listeners learn of such evil geniuses as the Intergalactic Vampire Witch, the Intergalactic Wolf and Intergalactic Frankenstein. These terrifying creatures are almost as awful as intergalactic vampires. It is up to Scientist to use its musical powers to make the world safe once more. Fortunately, this is not a mission that the Scientist needs to take all on his own. Along the way, he will be able to snatch up several crew mates, each with their own unique powers. First there's Flabba Holt, the Chief of Low Frequency Shock Wave. His hard-hitting bass guitar serves as an effective weapon against evil. Michigan and Smiley have plenty to add with their stores of knowledge surrounding biological warfare. They are often joined by Bunny Wailer, the resident expert on sociological warfare. The Scientist also frequently teams up with Style Scott, a top-notch Intergalactic Vampire killer. Josey Wales serves as Radar Jammer, taking his deejay skills to the next level. Super Cat, also known as Wild Apache, consistently displays great talent when working with cruse missiles. His buddy Ras Michael is also happy to lend a hand as the Chief Justice. The Scientist's team is rounded out by Erl China Smith and the Meditations, a group of musicians who work hard to keep the military protected, meanwhile reaching out as diplomats. With such a talented and versatile team, there's no telling what the Scientist might accomplish. The battle against the Intergalactic Vampire certainly will not be an easy one. But if the citizens of Earth get on board with their reggae protectors, the evil geniuses will eventually be forced into retreat, leaving humans to live in peace and harmony. -- "What now," Steele says, opening the folder. It is an urgent message from Style Scott, Intergalactic Vampire Killer. It reads, "The intergalactic vampire bankers have brainwashed the president, Congress and are infiltrating the military to bankrupt the US! You must stop it before they take over the world!" "I KNEW those bastards were evil intergalactic bloodsucking vampires!" Steele says. The Scientist created a candles using the Jolly Green Giant formula and sends emails to everyone commanding them to report for a secret emergency meeting at World Bank Headquarters. The present was told to attend the meeting because members of the elite family s were going to be at the meting and was not to reply to the manege that was automatically destroyed it self Steele, disguised as a waiter, broke in kitchen and switched the candles the intergalactic vampires cook had made with the brainwashing aroma chemicals and switch to the candles with The Scientist's formula with the Jolly Green Giant aroma. Instantly he ran in the banquet room of the headquarters. He quickly replaces the other candles on the tables with the ones containing the formula with the Jolly Green Giant aroma and lights them. The delightful smell of the candles soon permeates the room. The president, Congress, military leaders, and vampire bankers enter the hall Inhaling the aroma of the candles, the vampires immediately melted, unable to handle the positive energy of the scent from the candles. The spell controlling the president, Congress and military is broken, and they all hug each other and head for the food. "Mr. President," says Steele. "You, Congress and the military were brainwashed by Intergalactic Vampire Bankers, but we've broken the spell and they won't be bothering us any longer." "You've saved the world again!" says the president. "No problem." answers Steele. "Could you please pass the mustard? I'm starving!"
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Curse_final_A Car Bumper Sticker

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