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1.1 | Love Birds
1.2 | Bridal Bouquet
1.3 | Calla Lily
2 | Chandeliers.DIY background color
2.1 | Chevron.DIY background color+trim+fonts
3 | Damasks
5 | Bakery+Cakes
Dandelion.DIY background color

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Welcome to PixDezines™ custom labels store. Simply click on the "customize it" button on the design page to edit fonts; and to change fonts and background color. Have fun matching your color schemes. PixDezines.com™ has a dynamic color wheel that generates complementary colors for you to choose from.. {♥}Click for Dynamic Color Wheel Page{♥} Easy steps to customize your background: how to DIY background color Here is the link how to edit font or image file ..how to edit font+image files PixDezines 100 Gifts per page {♥} Business Cards Store {♥}Wedding/Baby Shower/Graduation Boutiques, etc {♥} Party Invitation Boutiques {♥} Binders Store {♥}Greek Life {♥} {♥} iPhones Cases {♥} PixDezines Ipads Cases {♥} Canvas Shoes {♥}Postage Stamps {♥} Neckties {♥} Easy Templates {♥} Zen Shop Copyright © 2009-2012 PixDezines.com™ and PixDezines™ on zazzle.com. All rights reserved.