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Ron Paul has been campaigning for Liberty since 1974 and he's not about to stop! All designs by Michael Nystrom

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"Constitutional eligibility"
By tlprice71, 3/10/2012 about
"Minor vs Happersett [88 U.S. 162, 168] that specifically defines a "Natural Born Citizen" as children born of TWO US Citizen parents - not one parent. Obama, Santorum and Romney are not eligible. How can you possibly be in Congress and on television without exposing this? Where is your integrity ? Where is your adherence to the Constitution? Where is your loyalty to America? Where is your honesty? Why do you co-conspire with your silence to permit Obama to continue?"
By RONPAUL2012, 6/25/2011 about
In reply to jvcpropainting, I share your fervent support for Ron Paul, the greatest statesmant since our founding fathers. I believe you can very economically advertise Dr. Paul's campaign the same way I and a few of my co-workers have done. Just buy a couple of very cheap, pretty fancy bumper stickers at www.stickers2012.com.
"Go Ron and god speed"
By Ronpaullovessilverlikeme, 6/17/2011 about
Go Ron! Son of freedom!
"2012 election"
By robert jozz, 5/17/2011 about
to gods army the sons of liberty fact the true christians in the republican party the democratic party and the tea party must unite into one driving force to drive the bolshivik marixs from power, obama is already setting the stage with deception lies and every consivable means of deception the global elite that have taken control of the media banks and are goverment ,are satanic and must be stoped. may god save the republic, and the people of god his children. if this is not achived we will fail . so mr paul pick a running mate from the tea party and unite are efforts god bless you robert h Jozwiak sr prophet and seer
"Ending the blockade of Cuba."
By paul8kangas, 5/15/2011 about
It is soooo cool that Ron Paul is opposed to the silly blockade of little Cuba. I love their beaches and fishing.
"Blockade of Cuba"
By paul8kangas, 5/15/2011 about
Congressman Ron Paul 5-15-11 I have a favor to ask. I hear you are opposed to the blockade of Cuba. Great. I could vote for you because of that. Would you be willing to take a position on opposing the life sentence handed down to Gerardo Hernandez, #58739-004? He was sentenced for blowing the whistle on terrorists. He was arrested, because he reported the names of terrorist who said they were planning to bomb a hotel in Havana. CIA terrorists, from Miami were bombing Cuban hotels & planes, one of which killed all member of a young Fencing Team from Cuba. He uncovered the names of the people who did the bombings, & who said at a meeting he was at, that they would bomb another hotel. He was just acting like a good journalist, and reported the terrorists to the Cuban government, who then turned his report over to the FBI. Everything was above board. Instead of the FBI arresting the terrorist, the FBI arrested the whistle blowers. This is not reasonable or fair action by the FBI in America. He is at the Federal Correction Complex in Adelanto, Calif. Would you be willing to visit him with me? Please release Gerardo in 2012. Dr Paul Kangas, SF, Ca
By allegra_online, 2/25/2011 about
"re-initiate the march Ron Paul!"
By , 2/15/2011 about
2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura"
By horn_dog, 10/19/2010 about
What a GREAT Team We need the best for America Ron Paul ( P) Jesse Ventura (VP) Awsome
By williams6189, 9/8/2010 about
we need you
"Liberty Caps"
By libertycap, 7/21/2010 about
Wear to TEA Parties or storm thye Bastille http://libertycap.us/index.html
By RonPaulyGirl12, 5/12/2010 about
Write his name in the ballot under "Write-in." If Paul does not run or does not get nominated and chooses not to run, we ALL should just write his name in, and encourage others to do the same. Please email me at caleb0504@hotmail.com - the psychology to convince people from all walks of life with different personal motives to unite for the same cause! Take care, Kat!
"Run Ron 2012!"
By Girls4RonPaul, 1/27/2010 about
Announce already!
"we feel alone"
By angrybellon, 1/14/2010 about
Ron if you actually get this message please come to Lansing MI and rally up the college troops from all colleges and all other supporters and wake up Michigan! Please
By DFSONE, 6/12/2009 about
By Patriot_Resistance, 4/22/2009 about
Viva la Revolution! Great gallery, I'm a fan!
"Where is the shirt of Ron Paul making the Masonic hand sign?"
By drcarley, 2/1/2009 about
Type "Ron Paul Masonic handshake" into you tube and see for yourself...
"you´re a brilliant person"
By bartoszzygmunt, 12/16/2008 about
sir Ron, please... do continue the fight for a improvement of the situation in your country.
"on line shop"
By richit44, 12/3/2008 about
Are these products made in the US? I won't buy if they are foreign made
"On line shop"
By richit44, 12/3/2008 about
Are these products made in the US? I won't buy if they are foreign made.
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