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Photos, scanned paintings, ray-traced 3D graphics, and whatever else the tiny blue people who live inside my refrigerator tell me to sell here. This is where i sell charming mugs, fascinating posters, affordable fine art prints, etc. but you can also find my photos at http://mytown.dailycamera.com (look for "GreenSquiggle" which is my online name there) and at http://www.jeffcottwilson.com where my photography partner's and my fine art prints and paintings may be ordered with custom framing, and then there's my personal web page at www.darenscotwilson.com and whew, that's not all, you can see what i do for my day job at http://ciclops.org/ but your favorite planet had better be Saturn or else!

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"Thanks :o)"
By bworlds, 8/17/2007 about
Glad you like the tie. Of course, I would have had nothing decent to work with if it wasn't for you :o) Credit where credits due...
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