A Permian butte
Aboriginal life, Navajo Country
Admiralty Islands
Adobe church Zuni
Adventure Bay, Van Diemens Land
Alcove, Red Wall
Alpine Lake, summit of Cerro Blanco
America, 1508
America, about 1670
An uncolored chart of the port of San Diego
Anamooka, Tonga
Ancient pottery, Tusayan
Antilia, 1463
Arched Point, Kerguelen's Land
Articles Sandwich Islands
Ashtishkee, Navajo chief
Astoria, Columbia River
Australia 10
Australia 4
Australia 6
Awatska Bay, Russia
Bay of Monterey
Beaver Park Valley
Beaver, Cheyenne, Fort Union, Georgetown
Black Bird of the French Port
Bludgeons, New Zealand
Boats, Friendly Isles
Bodega Bay
Bolcheretzkoi View, Russia
Bonthain Bay
Boxing, Hapaee, Tonga
Broom Road, Tahiti
Canoe and Frame of a Canoe
Canoe Canoe of Orotchis of the Bitches
Canoe of Tchotka Canoe of Easter Island
Canoe, Sandwich Islands
Canon de Chelle, NM
Captain Wallis and Tahitians
Cavite in the Bay of Manilla
Champan, a Chinese Boat Boat of Formosa
Chart of Discoveries, Made in 1787
Chart of Necker Island
Chart of Part of the North East Coast of America
Chart of the Archipelago of Navigators Samoa
Chart of the Atlantic Ocean 2
Chart of the Coasts of America and Asia
Chart of the Great Pacific Ocean

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