Alps glacier systems
America river systems
Antrim, Raghery
Ashna Crogs, Mull
Asia, Europe river systems
Atlantic Ocean 2
Atlantic Ocean 3
Aves, Birds
Bec d'Ambes
Champs Phlegreens
Coast Ranges showing San Andreas Rift
Composite Geological, palaeontological map
Conjecturale de l'Atlantide
Currents of air
Distribution of Heat over the Globe continued
Distribution plants
Distribution primitive du genre humain
Distribution vegetation
English Channel
Environs d'Angouleme
Environs de Clermont
Ethnographic, Europe
Fernand de Noronha Island
France physique
Geol map US
Geological map Europe
Geological Map of the North America
Geological Map of the United States 2
Geological map San Francisco
Geological phenomena
Geological profiles, San Francisco
Geological structure of globe
Geological, palaeontological map British Islands
Golfe de Botnie
Gulf Stream
Health, disease
Heat over globe
Hesperia quadrangle showing San Andreas Rift
Hyetographic map Europe
Hyetographic or Rain Map of the World
Hyetographic or Rain Map of the World continued
Hyetographic rain map
Ice Chart boreal
Ile de Mascareigne
Ile de Staffa
Indian Ocean

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