Africa 38
Africa 43
Asia 21
Asia 22
Asia Minor Antiqua
Eastern Hemisphere
Eastern Hemisphere 15
Egypt 12
England And Wales
Europe 2
France, in Departments
Grecia Antiqua
Hindoostan 3
Holland 2
Index New general atlas 2
Italia Antiqua
North America 5
Orientis Tabula
Places Recorded in the Five Books of Moses
Prussia 2
Romanum Imperium
Russia In Asia 2
Scotland 18
South America 37
South America 38
State of Nations at the Christian aera
Table of the Comparative Heights
Table of the Comparative Lengths
Terra Veteribus Nota
The Land Of Moriah Or Jerusalem
The Prinicipal Empires of the World
Title Page Atlas Classica
Turkey In Asia 2
Turkey In Asia 3
Turkey in Europe
United States 33
Western Hemisphere
Western Hemisphere 15
Western Hemisphere 16
World On Mercator's Projection

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