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Assalaamu 'alaikum! Welcome to Dawah Shirts. Our shirts and products are designed to be a potential tool for Dawah, inviting to Islam. Dawah can be done with close friends or people you meet on the street. Sometimes, especially with strangers, it can be difficult to start calling to Islam out of nowhere, and many people may be turned off by this approach. These shirts are meant to be conversation starters. With many different styles and designs, you can find the perfect shirt that suits you and gets people all around you interested in learning more about Islam. For help with what to do once you start your dawah, check out these resources: Dawah Addict: Official Partner of Dawah Shirts http://www.youtube.com/dawahaddict Fiqh ad-Dawah: Excellent Lecture Series on How to Give Dawah by Muhammad Al Shareef (Audio) http://islambase.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1019&Itemid=181 How to Give Shahada in 10 Minutes: Great Dawah Workshopby Kamal El Mekki (Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hc9DiDOjJk A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam: Simple to understand online booklet on the basics of Islam that is a great quick link to give to someone if you don't have much time http://www.islam-guide.com

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19 results
By amri, 9/28/2012 about
please call me 'amri', your brother in Islam from Indonesia.
"any contact no."
By gowhar, 1/12/2011 about
asalamualaikum this is ur brother frm kashmir gr8 work i like these shirts i was thnking to buy some of ur designs cn u plz gv me ur contact no. so that i can make a deal..(sgowhar20@gmail.com)
By nashthemuslim, 9/2/2010 about
i am in love with this concept, it's truley beautiful and amazing how one shirt can been tears to your eyes, thank you guys some much cant wait to come back!
"buy shirt"
By Nurul27, 8/23/2010 about
Assalamualaikum.. can i still buy the shirt if I want to buy it from UK? I love the designs of your shirts :)
By SoumaiaHashad, 8/15/2010 about
How can I buy Dawwah stuff??
"Great Talent!"
By polkadotinks, 5/20/2010 about
Like the designs. You're very talented. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Polkadot Inks
"assalamu alaikum!"
By MuslimahSayWhat, 1/24/2010 about
Assalamu alaikum brother! The shirts are awesome.. Will be buying one soon insha'Allah!!
"Wonderful Messages"
By Falastin, 11/23/2009 about
Assalamu Alaykom brother Your shirts are wonderful and send a great message. Keep up the great work =)
By Ibraheem, 9/14/2009 about
Wow, that's amazin' brothers. I'm arabian, but I hope to get one of these shirts s, is there any chance to find them in Saudi Arabia
By UBLAUGHING, 7/6/2009 about
How do you get so meny viewers? could you help me out we are UBLAUGHING
"Assalamu Alaikum"
By Abdulmuminu, 7/6/2009 about
this shirt are so nice and beautiful. Do you have any sales outlet in Nigeria where i can obtain one of the shirts for my self?
"Assalamo Alaikom"
By gevinchy, 7/5/2009 about
Dear creators, I'm your brother Ahad frm egypt, and i like the shirts very much and i was thinking if we couldget a deal to work together as i want to get a franchise of your products in Egypt ... hope to reply me on thi mail aj.bzns@gmail.com
By la_orchide_rose, 7/5/2009 about
great ideas, Allah wz u
By djwildchild, 7/5/2009 about
great tshirt
By Abdullar, 7/5/2009 about
Assalam Alaikum...... pretty kool shirts.......i like de best the 1 wer its written islam wid de different positions of de prayer.......3rd last 1......im an interior designer and a fashion designer......n i like de designs...^_^ but 1 of de shirts have verse translated and mentions Allah....isnt it kinda disrespectful to wear it around.....wat if 1 uses de washroom...isnt it bad...... pls don feel bad...but isnt it bad to sirespect Allah like dat....^_^........ nywy keep up de gud work....... salam alaikum bros n siss...... I LOVE ISLAM TOO
"to riziwiz"
By dawahshirts, 2/21/2009 about
I'm glad you like the shirts! I'm sorry about the prices. I only have so much control over them. I am working on a plan to reduce the prices on all of my shirts by a few dollars, but it's gonna be really time consuming. Other than that, light colors are cheaper than darks, and white is cheaper than colors. I hope that helps. Many of the black shirts have white version (ie evolve).
By narkosu, 2/16/2009 about
Assalamualaikum good idea, i love it, im moslim too. :)
"Jazak Allahu Khairun"
By dawahshirts, 8/6/2008 about
I'm glad you like the products. Like you said, the goal is stylish shirts with simple ideas that will insha'Allah start a discussion and a dawah opportunity, allowing the wearer to explain the concept as he or she sees fit.
By Tayooba, 8/4/2008 about
im really lovin these shirts! the thing that attracts me the most, is that the message is something a non muslim would ask about, and also its really simple topics that are easy to explain and yet have great meaning at the same time! good job to whoever designed them :)
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19 results