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Looking at a Dez Einswell piece evokes certain emotions, a sense of connection through colors and textures. Dez allows his audience to escape with him and for a moment live through his unique characters. Characters that are portrayed as something they're not or something they aspire to be. It's his expression through art and willingness to share, that viewers are drawn to his works. Dez Einswell's fascination for art began at an early age. A doodler by nature, Dez experimented with different mediums to convey the interpretations of his world. It wasn't until he started a design studio in 1996, that allowed the progression of his skill set, analog meets digital: paint, illustration, motion graphics, graphic design, and web development. From this, a multimedia ensemble dubbed "Dezeinhaus" was created, nurtured, and cultivated. Future projects will expand upon Dez Einswell's studies surrounding beats, rhymes, and life.

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