Badass Shark Punch
Wolf Slayer
Devil Slayer
Eagle Slayer
Tiger Slayer
Bulldog Slayer
Gator Slayer
Marlin Slayer
Have a nice day.
Badass Bear Guy
Badass Snake Guy
Badass Shark Guy
Badass Dinosaur Guy
Stuff with your nickname on it.
this tickles.
me and you.
500 lbs and a beer.
Tough Guys don't wear band-aids.
Tough guys like it raw.
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Spring Break Girl
Spring Break Guy
Turkey Slayer
Duck Slayer
Moose Slayer
Bear Slayer
Trout Slayer
Buck Slayer
Bass Slayer
Walleye Slayer
Northern Pike Slayer
Catfish Slayer
Muskie Slayer
Sharks are mean.
Bears are mean.
Bugs suck.
i'm not funny.
i hate bees.
i hate Woodticks.
Cats hate baths.
Stupid Bike
Poodle-Eating Muskie
Fire-Breathing Walleyes
Man-Eating Buck
Truck-Smashing Bear

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Click on any drawing to see it on T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, iPhone Cases, Bags, Aprons, Stickers, Magnets, etc. Feel free to create a link to my store from your Blog, Facebook or Twitter accounts. For custom designs contact me at Thanks for stopping by and come back. I add drawings often. Eric

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