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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my humble gallery. I intend this as a repository for bizarre and weird images. This will be an ongoing project and the gallery will be populated somewhat sporadically, whenever my computer and I suddenly switch into 'creep mode'. I also intend the gallery to be a sort of homage to horror/fantasy writer H P Lovecraft, so look out for Cthulhu stuff here. My other gallery is 'The Art of David Robinson' where I post as Cydonian and some of the darker images there may well be reworked for posting in 'Darkish Things'. Thankyou for visiting and oh. . . don't turn round til you're back in the full light of day. (Nosnibor exits, cackling maniacally)

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"Yikes Again."
By Wendy89, 12/1/2008 about
Listen, Stephen King made it big frightening people. So, good luck to you.
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