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Author DREAM CATCHER My Camera is like a electronic paint brush I paint with it and create art, Color and lighting is important for the image I am trying to create . I like my art to be different so I do a various mix of different subjects.I work a lot with objects and several different things, I am also a writer and song writer I like to add my writing to the photos that I take they give more meaning,All of my creations from writing to art work are all my original within my mind. I write about various different things including what goes on in the world today,that a lot of people should be aware of. I also have done some oil painting and pencil drawing so I do have a combination of quite a bit going here in me. Most of my photography work is done with A canon, Which I use all of the time these days. I have worked with a Minolta 35 miller meter and have developed black and white film, many many years ago. I have worked with basic camera’s also like the Sony Cyber-Shot and olympics. I was inspired by art when I was a little girl by my dad ,he was a fantastic artist, art has always been in my blood. For if we look around in this world it is all a creation . I also like to say a lot of my writings are written from within and I believe a lot can relate. writing about different stuff that people go through in real life and adding my own twist to it. Peace.

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"keychain and mouse pad"
By Dreamcatcherkyrah, 5/25/2012 about
Thank you Moses for purchasing the keychains and mouse pad and the great comments on the products I created. Peace
"Thank you"
By Dreamcatcherkyrah, 12/17/2011 about
Thank you to the two people that recently purchased , the Angel key chain and the Rutvegas hat .
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2 results